Who will look after you?

Clinical Oncologist

The doctor who prescribes and plans your radiotherapy is a cancer specialist called a clinical oncologist. She/he will see you at agreed intervals during your course of treatment to check on your progress. You may not always see the consultant as they work with a team of doctors who are training in this speciality. If you are an outpatient and have an urgent medical problem overnight or at the weekend you should call your GP, who can contact the doctor on call at the hospital if they need to. In addition to their NHS commitments, some of the clinical oncologists may treat you in our specialist Radiotherapy Service privately.

Therapy radiographers

Radiographers give you the treatment each time. They are highly trained in radiotherapy and patient care, and work closely with the oncologist and radiotherapy physicist in planning your treatment. Where possible you will see the same radiographers throughout your course of treatment so you get to know each other quite well. They can give you help and advice about any aspect of your treatment, and you can discuss any of your concerns or anxieties with them.

Physics Team

A radiotherapy physicist is an expert in radiation physics and works with the oncologist to plan out the best way of giving the treatment. Medical physics technicians work with the physicist and are involved in treatment planning and preparation. The physics team is also responsible for maintaining the accuracy of the treatment machines and producing specialist equipment.

Support Team

The Oncology unit includes dieticians, physiotherapists, occupational therapists and speech & language therapists. If you would like to see any member ofthis team your radiographers can arrange it for you.

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