Our candidate journey

Your application

Submit your application via NHS Jobs or TRAC

We'll shortlist candidates against the advertised criteria, once the post has closed.

Application tips

Make it compelling
Tailor your application to the role you are applying for. We'll assess your application against the person specification, which includes our Trust values and behaviours.

Stand out
Explain why you’d be suitable for this role and how your career to date supports your application for this role.

Make it clear
Tell us about your skills and abilities relating to this role, paying close attention to the job advert and person specification.

Attention to detail
Check your application thoroughly before submitting to ensure there are no mistakes and you haven't missed anything out.

Shortlisting process

We'll shortlist candidates against the criteria, once the post has closed.

If you're shortlisted, you'll be invited to interview. If you're not shortlisted, you'll be sent an email confirming this outcome, with details of the recruiting manager, who can be contacted to provide feedback.


Invited to interview

If you're successful in our shortlisting stage, you'll be invited to interview. Your interview invite email will include a link for you to book at a suitable time. We'll send you a daily reminder to book your interview, so you don't miss out.

An interview reminder will be sent to you a day before your interview date.

Tips for your interview

Getting to your interview

Plan your journey and arrive early. Parking at our hospital sites can be pressured, therefore it's worth considering other options such as the Medilink, or public transport. You can find information about travelling to QMC here, City Hospital here, and Ropewalk House here

Finding where your interview is taking place

Our maps will help you locate your interview venue (indicated on your interview invite). 

Your application

Review your application, the job role and person specification before the interview. This will help give you an idea of the type of questions the interview panel may ask.

Bring any questions

You'll be given the opportunity to ask questions at the interview.

Interview style

We'll use a variety of interview questions to give you the opportunity to talk about your skills, knowledge and experience. 

What happens after your interview

If you're successful at interview

We'll send you a conditional offer

Your conditional offer will confirm the details of your new role, and direct you to the next steps in the recruitment process, including pre-employment screening (information about this step can be found below). 

You accept your conditional offer

If you're unsuccessful at interview

You'll be sent an email confirming the outcome, with details of the recruiting manager who can provide you with feedback.

Pre-employment screening tips

 To download our Acceptable Documents for your Pre-Employment Checks please use the link below:

Pre-Emp.-Docs.pdf [pdf] 691KB

  • Book your ID appointment as soon as your receive the email request.
  • Ensure you have the required documents ready for the ID appointment, as this will avoid you having to come back.
  • Complete the DBS sections as soon as your receive the email.
  • Complete your occupational health questionnaire as soon as your receive your email.
  • Each check is governed by separate regulations therefore you will receive separate emails for each check.  This may feel overwhelming as they arrive at the same time.
  • NUH authenticate all ID and right to work documentation such as passports, visa’s and driving licence through a system called Trust ID.  NUH will scan your ID and right to work documentation in to the Trust ID system at your face to face ID appointment.  The system will run a check against the key security features within your documentation.  The system will provide us with an outcome of your check which will be stored securely on your personal file along with all other pre-employment check documentation.  

You will receive automatic email chasers to prompt you to complete these steps as soon as possible, to enable you to begin your new role.

Pre-employment screening

At NUH, we have a responsibility to ensure our patients and staff are safe in our care. Our pre-screening process adheres to the NHS' requirements (which in many cases exceeds standard employer requirements), which meets right-to-wor, DBS and data protection regulations.

We treat both internal and external candidates fairly. 

Here's what you can expect:
Identity Check

We verify your identity for security and patient safety. This fundamental check minimises the risk of employing or engaging with a person who may be impersonating another person, avoiding detection of criminal activity, or who has obtained illegal documents for employment.

Right-to-work We verify your passport to ensure you have permission to work in the UK with NUH. We'll ask to see your original documents and verify that all documents are valid. We'll check your right-to-work in line with Home Office regulations.
DBS check

A DBS check enables us to view data about a person's criminal history. We complete checks in the UK and other countries. The data that we receive is assessed to ensure a fair, safe and effective decision is made regarding employment. The level of DBS we carried out will be dependent on the role, and in some cases a DBS check may not be required.


Scottish DBS checks will not be accepted as the parameters for these checks are not equivalent to a UK check.

Professional regulations and qualifications check

Professional regulation checks ensure particular professions deliver high standards of care. Qualification checks help verify education qualifications, in with your application, and the requirements of the role.

These checks also enable us to ensure individuals in patient-facing roles have a good level of English, enabling them to undertake their role effectively and safely. 

Employee history and reference checks

References and your employment history enable us to verify the information in your application form.

We have a duty of care to patients and staff, and this check allows us to assess your suitability and ability to perform in your role.

Occupational health

Health screening enables us to verify if you're capable and fit to undertake the role.

Health and Safety and Equality Law requires NUH to ensure our employees and workplace are safe. 


You can find a list of the main and most common which are acceptable via this link

Your unconditional offer

Once your pre-employment screening is completed, we'll confirm your checks have all been verified and cleared, and we'll arrange a start date.

Once confirmed, we'll book you on to our Team NUH Welcome and our mandatory training programme.