Members of the breast care team

Doctors (including trainees)

The clinic has both male and female doctors who have undergone specialist training and are all dedicated to breast work.

  • Surgeons – Doctors who specialise in treating breast problems, including operations. You may see a surgeon in clinic.
  • Radiologists – Doctors who specialise in imaging tests (e.g. mammograms, ultrasound, CT and MRI scans). You may meet a radiologist in clinic.
  • Oncologists – Members of the team who specialise in drug and radiotherapy treatments of breast cancer. Only some patients will ever need to meet an oncologist.
  • Pathologists – Specialised doctors who examine biopsies and surgical specimens to help with diagnosis and treatment of breast problems. They are an important part of the team but mainly work in a laboratory.

Specialist nurses (navy uniforms)

Specialist nurses are qualified nurses with specialist training in breast care. They can give you information and answer any questions you may have.

  • Breast care nurses – All patients with a diagnosis of breast cancer or DCIS will meet a breast care nurse (BCN), who will help support you through diagnosis and treatment.
  • Nurse practitioners – Trained to perform breast examinations and assess breast symptoms.
  • Surgical care practitioner – Specially trained to assist in surgery and perform minor procedures; also trained to perform breast examinations and assess breast symptoms.

Radiology staff (white uniforms)

  • Radiographers – Our team of radiographers are specially trained and work solely in the field of breast imaging (mammograms and ultrasound examinations)
  • Radiology assistants – Help Radiologists (doctors) perform ultrasound examinations and biopsies.

Clinic staff (pale blue uniforms)

  • Clinic nurses – Help ensure smooth running of the clinic and will join you in clinic as a chaperone if you want. They also help doctors with biopsies.
  • Prosthesis fitter – Trained to help ensure you get a good fit with bras and prosthesis when required.

Clinic receptionists

As you enter the building you will be welcomed by the clinic receptionist, who will book you in and check your contact details. They will then direct you to the waiting area.

Other staff

  • Domestics – Wearing grey uniforms the domestic staff may be seen cleaning in the department.
  • General admin staff – Support the smooth running of the unit. They are based in the Breast Institute.
  • Research & audit staff – Help support all aspects of audit and research in the Breast Institute.
  • Breast screening team – A large admin team supports the breast screening programme and is based in offices at the Breast Institute.
  • NUH management team – Support the smooth running of the service.


Members of the public who volunteer to help our service may be found in the public areas of the breast institute. They also staff our coffee shop.

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