Major Trauma Psychology Service

The Major Trauma Psychology Service service provides emotional & social support to adults & to young people, aged 16-17 years, who reside in the East Midlands area or who became injured in the East Midlands area, who have experienced a traumatic injury.  This would typically comprise of the following mechanism of injury; higher speed road traffic collisions,(<2m & also >2m) assaults, stabbings, shotgun injuries & suicide attempt survivors. 

Survivors of suicide attempts are provided with an assessment by DPM (Department of Psychological medicine) & a care plan, where needed.  The Psychologist works in consultation with the Department of Psychological Medicine to ensure that robust mental health support plans are in place to ensure that the wellbeing of patients is supported & to try to avoid repeated self-harm / suicide attempts. 

The service is available2 days per week, Tuesday & Thursday.  Located at C30 Major Trauma Unit, C Floor, QMC.  Inpatient service only. Support provided to patients, their family members & also to staff, when needed.


Referral Criteria

The service is only able to see patients aged 16+ years that are on the Major Trauma pathway.  They do not need to be physically located on Ward C30, as long as they are included within the MT treatment pathway.  This includes awake patients located within AICU, provided they are on the MT pathway. Support is provided to patients, family members & staff members, if needed, following major trauma admission & during the duration of inpatient stay at QMC following the traumatic injury.  There is unfortunately no funding at present for any outpatient or community follow-up provision. 

Referrals are made via email to or via telephone: 07812 276177

Referrals can be made by any member of NUH MTC staff with a professional registration e.g. case managers, OTs, physios, SLTs, doctors, nurses.


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