Cystic Fibrosis Research

We are 1 of 27 units in the UK that are part of the CF Trust Trials Accelerator Platform (CTAP). The aim of CTAP is to improve access into trials for everyone with CF and delivering high priority clinical trials. This means that our unit is very research active and there are always trials and studies running that you could get involved in. We have successfully ran many trials including the first Kaftrio trials in the UK and our portfolio is always growing. The best way to find out which trials are going on is through the CF Trust Trials Tracker (


CFHealthHub is a national research and innovation programme that aims to support people with CF to build habits for treatment-taking. We are proud to have been one of the original centres involved in CFHealthHub since 2016 (there are now 16 adult CF centres). More than 180 patients in our centre (and counting!) have now consented to CFHealthHub. Along with nearly 1500 people with CF across England who are sharing their data and contributing to CFHealthHub research, we are learning together how we can support people with CF to reduce the burden of self-care by building habits for treatment-taking.

CFHealthHub is a digital platform (website and app) that allows people with CF to access lung function, weight and nebuliser-usage data in real-time, and have the option to share this with their CF team. For more information, please contact our Local CFHealthHub Lead, Sophie Dawson, on 07864 953730 or