Adult hearing test


Our service provides tests, support and treatment for people of all ages who have problems with their hearing or balance. 

We offer some of the best facilities in the UK through our main base at Ropewalk House and our purpose-built centre at QMC. We also offer services in schools, specialist clinics and local health centres.

We offer appointments Monday-Friday from 8.15am to 5.30pm. 

How to contact Us

If you have any questions about our service or would like to query an appointment please use the contact details listed below.
Our phone lines are often very busy, so we recommend using our e-mail address if your query is not urgent.

Adult Audiology

Tel: 0115 919 4488

Please note: The Adult Audiology phone line is closed on Wednesdays between 12pm & 4:30pm

Children’s Audiology

Tel: 0115 948 5547

Please note: The Children's Audiology phone line is closed on Wednesdays between 12pm & 4:30pm

How to get referred to us

Adult patients

For new patients, it’s really important that you are referred to us through a recognised referrer. We are unable to provide our service to patients who have not been referred as we are unable to provide appropriate advice without your full clinical history and details of an appropriate assessment. 

If you have not been referred to our service before, you can obtain a referral through the following means:

  • Your GP
  • An NHS hospital's Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) department
  • A qualified audiologist
  • Social services or sensory needs team
  • A speech and language therapist

If you are an existing patient under one of the following clinics, you are welcome to contact us directly for an appointment.

Paediatric Patients

Paediatric patients can be referred into our service by the following methods:

  • GP
  • Paediatrician or consultant
  • Health visitor or school nurse
  • Other health professionals
  • Direct parent/carer referral

To make a direct parent/Carer referral please contact us via telephone. 

Our commitment to Quality

Quality Policy

As part of our ongoing commitment to being a quality service, we are pleased to share our quality policy. This policy forms the basis of our quality management system running throughout all we do.

1. Needs of users

In order to meet the needs and requirements of its users the Audiology service will:

  • Look to consult with users on a regular basis to ensure their needs and requirements are met.

  • Set quality objectives and plan to implement and maintain this quality policy.

  • Ensure that all personnel are familiar with the quality policy to ensure user’s satisfaction.

  • Operate a quality management system that integrates qualitative metrics indicative of its performance, documents its procedures and keeps records that provide evidence of the proper conduct of its activities. Where this cannot be supported by the implementation of an ICT based QMS, the service will develop its own in house QMS based process

  • Commit to providing facilities required for the provision of the service and for the health, safety and welfare of its staff.

  • Ensure that visitors to the service will be treated with respect and that due consideration will be given to their safety whilst on any site where Audiology operates.

  • Comply with local and national environmental legislation and guidelines.
  • Uphold professional values and be committed to good professional practice and conduct.

2. Compliance with National, Local and regulatory standards

To comply with the above standards, both compulsory and aspirational, the service is committed to:

  • Recruitment, training, development and retention of staff at all levels in a manner that ensures that they are competent to be fully involved in its work.
  • Maintenance, management and procurement of equipment, facilities and other resources as are needed for the provision of the service and ensure the quality of its examination results.
  • Use of evidence based procedures that will ensure the highest achievable quality of all examinations performed.
  • Undertake regular internal quality monitoring activities to ensure compliance with standards.
  • Be subject to external audits to ensure compliance with standards.
  • Reporting results of appointments in a manner which ensures their timeliness, accuracy, and clinical usefulness and maintains confidentiality.
  • Evaluation and continual improvement of the service it provides to its users.
  • ​​​Maintain a group of staff (comprised of clinical and non-clinical staff members) to review, monitor and advise on quality related matters throughout the service.

Quality Manual

This document, together with the processes and procedures specified within represents the Quality Management System of Audiology services, Nottingham University Hospitals Trust.

The contents of this manual are compiled to meet the requirements IQIPs V2.1 2023 standard used by the United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS) in confirming the competence of physiological diagnostic services.

Audiology Quality Manual

IQIPS Accreditation

As part of our commitment to being a quality provider of Audiological services, we are proud to say our Adult and Paediatric services are accredited by UKAS to the IQIPS V2 2023 standard.

UKAS accreditation provides independent and impartial recognition that the Audiology provider has objectively demonstrated their competence, as defined by the IQIPS (Improving Quality in Physiological Services) standards, to a team of trained assessors.