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Are you interested in developing your teaching skills?

To join the faculty, please complete our Faculty Application Form or e-mail trentsim@nuh.nhs.uk

For more information please see the documents on the right

Trent Simulation & Clinical Skills Centre can offer you the opportunity to:

  • Practise and observe different teaching styles
  • Practise and deliver clinical skills based teaching
  • Observe and contribute to simulation based teaching ranging from the use of part task trainers through to high fidelity advanced simulation training
  • Develop observation and feedback skills
  • Exposure to teaching outside of your normal clinical environment

TSCSC will provide:

  • Access to experienced multi-professional faculty
  • One to one feedback on teaching skills
  • Evidence of teaching to support portfolios

Opportunities exist to support teaching for:

  • Final year medical students
  • Foundation doctors
  • Specialty specific simulation courses at ST and SpR level
  • Multi-professional teaching

You are invited to:

  • Contribute to a regular programme of teaching
  • Select a series of teaching sessions that suits your own personal development needs

To join the our faculty you must be currently working clinically in the UK.

You must read the 'Application form - What we do with your information' section found below prior to submitting an application form.

Application form - What we do with your information

What you should no submit via our form

  • Each question within our form clearly stipulates the information required from you. Please do not include further details about yourself or anyone else within this form other than that being specifically asked. If you wish to contact the Trent Simulation team about any other matter please e-mail trentsim@nuh.nhs.uk or call 0115 9709969


What information we collect

  • Name, gender, professional background, speciality, grade/background
  • Professional Registration
  • Contact information including address, telephone numbers
  • E-mail address - We require your e-mail address so we can contact you to inform you of the courses we run and offer you a faculty place.
  • Professional skills and training information


How we use your information

The personal information you submit via the faculty application form is used to keep an accurate record of who is interested in assisting in the facilitation of one or more of our training courses.  We will also use it to share with you any post course evaluation of the courses you have taught on and make you aware of any new training opportunities for faculty training and development that we offer.  None of your personal information is sold on or shared with any third party organisation.


Who can access your information?

  • Trent Simulation and Clinical Skills Centre staff. This access is required to confirm your registration and to keep an accurate record of who is interested in assisting in the facilitation of one or more of our training courses.
  • Senior website administrators access your submitted personal information via a password protected secure access point within our website content management system. This access is required for technical support purposes.


How we store your information

  • When a web form has been submitted, an email notifying the administrators of the submission is generated and sent. This email contains no personal information. The email does contain a link to a secure web address where an individuals submitted personal information can be securely downloaded from our SSL encrypted website and saved within our protected hospital computer network. Click here to find out more about SSL encryption.


How long we store your information for

  • We store personal information for as short a time as possible.
  • Your details are deleted from our web system as soon as a member of the Trent Simulation and Clinical Skills Centre team has downloaded your registration.
  • We keep a record of your details to enable us to contact you to advise you of courses you may wish to be involved in. We will remove your personal information from our records on request.


Removal of your information from our records

  • You are entitled to request that we remove any personal information we have about you stored within our systems at any time. For more information on how to do this please e-mail trentsim@nuh.nhs.uk or call 0115 9709969


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