Strike action will be taking place from 7am Saturday 24 February 2024 to Thursday 28 February 2024. Please continue to attend your appointments unless you are contacted and told otherwise.

The strike action may mean our A&E is a lot busier than usual, which means the waiting times will be longer. If you need help which is not life threatening, please use 111, Pharmacies, GPs or Urgent Treatment Centres. Thank you for your understanding during this period.


Protocols are used for guidance only and should only be used by a qualified clinican.

Elbow protocols

These protocols are to be used as a guideline only by qualified clinicians. The interpretation and application of this protocol remains the responsibility of the individual clinician. If in any doubt regarding the above procedure contact the team.

Outerbridge Kashiwagi procedure (OK).pdf [pdf] 417KB

Total Elbow Replacement.pdf [pdf] 427KB

Distal Biceps Tendon Repair Low Tension.pdf [pdf] 410KB

Distal Biceps Tendon Repair High Tension.pdf [pdf] 603KB

Shoulder protocols