A session at the mobility centre

Mobility Centre

The Mobility Centre houses multiple departments, including Prosthetics/Limb Difference and Nottingham Wheelchair Services. Please see the links below for more information on the departments within the centre.

The main reception can be contacted on 0115 969 1169 ext 76544. Please see the below links for contact numbers for specific departments within the building. If you have any further questions about the centre and the services we offer please do not hesitate to contact us. If you would like to speak to a specific clinician please also contact this number and the staff will assist you.

We request that all patients bring any medication you may need during the appointment as well as snacks/drinks as required. There are no catering facilities available in this building apart from a vending machine and water fountain.

Orthotics is now based at Physiotherapy (Gate 2, City Hospital) and can contacted on 0115 969 1169 ext 74647/77552/77581.

Please do not attend if you or a family member have any symptoms of Covid-19.


Find us

The centre in based at the Nottingham City Hospital on Hucknall Road. It is on the right hand side as you enter Gate 3.

We are open Monday-Thursday 8.30 am – 4.30 pm and Friday 8 am – 4pm.

Please be aware that parking is limited, allow adequate time to find a space before your appointment. The ticket machine is coin only. Blue Badge holders can park for free but spaces are limited.

Prosthetics, Amputees & Limb Difference

This service supports people with acquired limb amputation or with a congenital absence/difference. We prescribe and maintain prosthetic limbs, as well as providing support for non-limb wearers. We primarily support patients across Nottinghamshire, Lincolnshire and parts of Derbyshire and Leicestershire.

We have a dedicated team of prosthetists, consultants, occupational therapists, nurses and physiotherapists here at the Mobility Centre. To speak to a specific member of the team please call the number below and the reception staff will assist you.

If you have been issued with a prosthetic limb from our centre, NHS guidelines now require the limb to be serviced annually to ensure it is mechanically safe. If you have not been seen by us in over a year please contact to arrange an appointment.

For the amputee/prosthetic limb service: Call 0115 969 1169 ext 76544 or email nuhnt.limbappointments@nhs.net

For professionals who need our referral form please email the above address.

Wheelchair Services

This service prescribes and issues short-term and long-term loan wheelchairs, including electric wheelchairs, special seating systems and pressure relief cushions.

For the wheelchair services call 0115 969 1169 ext 74647 / 77552 / 77581 or email wheelchair.referrals@nuh.nhs.uk

If you have a wheelchair provided to you by this service that requires either maintenance or repairs, please contact the NHS approved repair service Ross Care on 0115 684 8275.

For professionals who require a referral form please email the above address. If you require a wheelchair from us please contact your GP to fill in a referral form.

Artificial Eye Clinic

The Artificial Eye Centre is also based here. All support/bookings cannot be done in person and must be made by calling 01253 951133.

Traumatic Brain Injury

The Nottingham Traumatic Brain Injury Service provides a specialist case management and rehabilitation service to people in the Nottingham area who have sustained a moderate or severe traumatic brain injury.

The Brain Injury team provide services including Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Outreach Occupational Therapy.

For more information about this service please click the following link: https://www.nuh.nhs.uk/nottingham-traumatic-brain-injury-service/ Please note that the contact details are out of date, the correct number can be found below.

To speak to a member of the team please call 0115 969 1169 ext 75150 or email traumaticbraininjuryservice@nuh.nhs.uk

Reablement Team

To speak to a member of the team please call 0115 969 1169 ext 56549.

Contact us

Please dial 0115 969 1169. Use the extension numbers below to be forwarded onto the correct team.

Prosthetics/Limb Difference – 76544

Wheelchairs – 74647 / 77552 / 77581 (Repairs - 0115 684 8275)

Traumatic Brain Injury – 75150

Reablement – 56549

Artificial Eye - 01253 951133


Other services:

For assistive technology system advice or referrals, please contact the Electronic Assistive Technology Service at Derby Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust via email on: dhft.eat@nhs.net or Tel: 01332254980.

Health professional referral forms

Wheelchair Referral Criteria

Long term wheelchair and cushion referral form

Short term loan wheelchair referral form

Please note the two forms above are password protected. To get the unlock code for these documents, please Tel: 0115 962 7927

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