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The Breast Education Centre is recognised for its long-standing experience and expertise in breast cancer screening, diagnosis, treatment and research. As one of the leading training centres in the UK we are pleased to be able to offer radiologists observational secondment opportunities for one or two weeks to gain experience in the following:-

  • Reporting screening mammograms
  • Assessment of screen detected breast abnormalities
  • Symptomatic breast imaging via attendance at new referral clinics
  • Reporting of follow-up mammography and also family history mammography
  • MDT meetings including diagnostic and therapeutic cases
  • Imaging of advanced breast cancer via observing CT lists and attendance at ABC (advanced breast cancer) MDT meetings
  • Biopsy techniques including core and vacuum assisted


Nottingham University Hospitals and the University of Nottingham host a specialist breast cancer pathology clinical service and research unit. The breast pathology team regularly receive requests from trainee pathologists and consultant pathologist from all over the world for secondments to experience our working practices. We are a recognised training centre and leaders in the field of prognostic classification of breast cancer having developed a grading system which is now the international (WHO, EU, TNM) standard.The Nottingham Breast Unit is one of four centres in the UK supporting the Breast Cancer Campaign Tissue Bank. This is a unique resource providing breast cancer researchers with access to ethically acquired tissue samples to support their research program. This pioneering tissue bank has recently opened for access to support breast cancer research in the UK.

Our visitors observe closely our routine working practices in the examination of surgically removed breast cancer specimens and also examine cases that are referred to us for second opinion in view of their diagnostic difficulty.


The Nottingham Breast Institute is a large symptomatic/screening unit and offers a wide range of treatments including neo adjuvant/adjuvant treatments and reconstructive techniques. Patients also have the opportunity of participating in local and national clinical research trials. The nursing team at the Breast Institute comprise of both Breast Nurse Practitioners and Breast Care Nurses. The Nurse Practitioners work clinically taking a history and carrying out breast examinations in symptomatic, screening and follow up clinics. The Breast Care Nurses are involved in providing information and support and are involved in all aspects of care of the patient with breast cancer, from diagnosis to end of life care.

Nurses visiting the unit will have the opportunity to shadow the whole nursing team and gain experience of all aspects of the patient journey. Ideally a weeks placement will enable the visitor to gain an understanding of the patient pathway although the visit could also be tailored to individual needs or interests.

Opportunities include:

  • Symptomatic clinic
  • Family history clinic
  • Multi Disciplinary team meetings
  • New results clinic
  • Post operative results clinic
  • Primary endocrine clinic
  • Locally Advanced Primary Breast Cancer clinic
  • Advanced Breast Cancer clinic
  • Reconstruction clinic
  • Screening assessment clinic
  • Post Op follow up clinic
  • Radiotherapy
  • Chemotherapy
  • Ward
  • Theatres
  • Prosthesis fitting
  • Seroma drainage
  • Expander inflation


We are one of the lead training and education centres in the UK who, in collaboration with Birmingham City University, provide the Pg Diploma in Breast Imaging. Our dedicated team of clinical trainers are experienced in tailoring mammographic training to an individuals needs utilising both digital and analogue machines, which include the GE Essential, GE Senographe DS and Siemens Inspiration. We are in the position to be able to offer practical clinical mammography updates and 1 or 2 week secondments.

The Clinical Mammography Updates are offered with one-to-one assessment and tuition with one of our experienced clinical trainers. The content of this update can be tailored to individual needs and can include areas such as:

  • Standard mammography technique
  • Critiquing mammograms
  • Additional projections
  • Analogue or digital machines
  • Digital QC
  • Posture

1 or 2 week secondments enable the individual to gain a greater insight into the patient pathway and the screening process by shadowing our consultant radiologists, nurse practitioners and radiographers during our busy, symptomatic, screening and screening assessment clinics. It is possible to tailor the secondment to the individuals personal requirements and interests, but may include some of the following:

  • Symptomatic clinics
  • Screening clinics
  • Screening assessment clinics
  • Triple assessment
  • Ultrasound
  • Biopsy
  • Multi-disciplinary team meetings
  • Results clinics
  • Practical clinical mammography update

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