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Research Excellence Awards 2023 Testimonials

Rachael Taylor – Research Excellence Award Runner up

“Rachael worked as the Research Nurse on the N-ICE cream research project - an initiative all about helping older patients get the nutrition they need while staying in hospital, when struggling with the oral supplement drinks.

“Rachael went over and above to complete the service improvement project.  Co-ordinating the delivery of the ice creams to the ward, staying late to ensure the ice cream could be offered to patients and collating the final data.”

Paul Bateman - Early Career Research Award Nominee

"I did not expect a nomination for early career researcher and was a genuine surprise.  I do not consider what I do as going 'above and beyond' and I guess neither do many other the other colleagues nominated, so is good to see people get recognition for the hard work and be inspired to help deliver research for our patients"

Lauren Tarr – Research Excellence Impact Award Nominee

“Lauren has a great relationship with her participants, she is always kind, caring and understanding and is flexible in their requests and dates that they can attend that now she is going to another area for secondment elsewhere in the trust, all her patients are upset as they are so happy she's their nurse.”

Alan Charlton - Research Volunteer

“Volunteering in research for me just happened no explanation but I’m glad I did as it’s so exciting. Research and Development was a part of my Engineering back ground I’m amazed how the principles are the same within the Medical field.

“Once I started I found everyone so helpful, I was part of a team again almost a new career had sprung up it is so stimulating and you’re helping people who aren’t as fortunate to have such good health.

“Rewards take many forms, for me seeing how people react after you’ve help them has to be my greatest reward, you can’t put a monetary value on this. The elderly, young children and the vulnerable rely on help from others and volunteers are that help at the very beginning of their journey through research.”

Helen Navarra – Altruism Award Winner

“For those who know me well, I am not one for public recognition – I come to work to do my job to the best of my ability and support the team around me. However, it was very lovely to see the words written in the nomination from the team members – and these words give me confidence in the type of leader I am.  I said at the time – I have only be able to be the team leader I was, due to the great team around me.

“To ask an individual about the importance of an Altruism award, is a strange one, when you consider the meaning of Altruism. However, if it can be used to influence anyone in their day to day lives and how they approach situations – then that is a positive.”

Joy Agbonmwandolor – Early Career Research Award Highly Commended

“Joy is a real leader in showing the possibilities for non-registered staff in clinical and non-clinical research and is leading the way to becoming an expert researcher across a wide range of areas.  Showing a way to bridge the gap between fields and collaborating in a transformational way. We're extremely proud of her contribution to R&I.”

Hearing Theme, NIHR Nottingham Biomedical Research Centre - Research Excellence Partnership Award Winner

“The BRC Hearing theme was delighted to be nominated for the 2023 Research Excellence Awards and absolutely over the moon when we found out we’d won the Partnership category.  The whole team works really hard to deliver research and build collaborations, so it was fantastic that this was recognised.”