Pelvis after pregnancy (PAP)

We see patients who sustained perineal complications following vaginal delivery.

We are a BSUG Accredited Unit, running one clinic in City Campus and another one on QMC on alternate weeks.

We offer thorough assessment for you and you will have the chance to discuss your concerns and symptoms and then we offer you a variety of treatment options that are tailored to your individual need. This is arranged at three months after your delivery. You also receive an appointment to see the physiotherapist six weeks postnatally which is generally organised prior your discharge from the ward.


Who can be referred?

  • Everyone who sustains third/fourth degree tear at delivery
  • Everyone with postnatal bladder dysfunction
  • Everyone with wound healing problems after delivery.


What can you expect in clinic?

  • A comprehensive assessment of your symptoms and any management you had in the community since delivery.
  • B detailed examination (both internal and rectal)
  • bladder scan if required
  • Very minor procedures undertaken
  • Formulating a management plan for any present symptoms
  • Plan of delivery in future pregnancy.

If required we will arrange: 

  • Follow up appointment in the PAP clinic
  • Referral to physiotherapists
  • To be put on waiting lists for surgical procedures
  • Further investigations
  • To be seen by a member of the surgical team.

Contact us

City Hospital Tel: 0115 969 1169 Ext: 55143

QMC Tel: 0115 924 9924 Ext: 66470

To speak to one of our Clinical Nurse Specialists Tel: 07812275024