Missing teeth (hypodontia)

In the UK, 3-5% of the population are born with missing teeth. This can result in gaps and spaces in the mouth where the teeth are missing.

In the hospital, we provide treatment for patients with multiple missing teeth. You will be assessed by a consultant orthodontist and a consultant in restorative dentistry. They will formulate a plan and decide how best to deal with the missing teeth and gaps. This may involve closing the gaps and camouflaging that you have missing teeth, or creating the right amount of space to provide you with replacement teeth.

This treatment can take at least 2.5 years to complete.

Before brace treatment - gaps due to missing teeth

Before brace treatment image

X-ray showing missing adult teeth

X-ray showing missing adult teeth image

Example of a resin bonded bridge used to replace a missing upper left 2nd tooth

Resin bonded bridge image

Resin bonded bridge image two

Example of a resin bonded bridge used to replace both upper left and right 2nd front teeth

Resin Bonded Bridge image three

Resin Bonded Bridge image four

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