Orthodontics is a specialist field of dentistry involved in straightening the teeth and jaws.

The majority of NHS orthodontics is performed in specialist practice on the high street. Some patients, however, will require treatment in hospital due to the complex nature of the treatment, the severity of the malocclusion (bad bite) or associated medical issues. We provide orthodontic services at Queen’s Medical Centre and Kingsmill Hospital.

All NHS orthodontics is provided due to the severity of need. You may be eligible to have orthodontic treatment in hospital for the following reasons:

  • cleft, lip and palate/developmental conditions
  • multiple congenitally missing teeth (hypodontia)
  • severe jaw deformity requiring combined orthodontic/surgical treatment
  • severe tooth impaction or tooth eruption problems

This list is not exhaustive. You should be referred to the hospital after a thorough assessment by your dentist or specialist orthodontist.

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