Information for teenagers

Starting university or leaving home?

  • Have you thought about transferring your care to a local neurologist? Make sure you have enough medication to last until you have changed your GP. If you are going to university but staying under the care of the hospital neurology department at home you could make your appointments for the holidays
  • Do you have details of the local epilepsy nurse specialist?
  • We advise you to keep a copy of all clinic letters
  • Do people around you know you have epilepsy? Do they know what to do in an emergency? Is there anyone to check on you if you have night-time seizures?

Do you forget your medication?

If so, you could:

  • Set a reminder/alert on your phone
  • Use a dosette box
  • Note that some medications can be taken once daily. If this would help, ask your neurologist or epilepsy nurse specialist for more information.

What about drinking alcohol?

You can drink alcohol in moderation - one to two units at a time. Drinking in excess may increase the risk of seizures. Always take your medication before you go out in the evening.

In a relationship?

Make sure you use a reliable form of contraception. Some epilepsy medications interfere with some forms of contraception. Visit your local family planning service or discuss with your neurologist or epilepsy nurse specialist. Plans for pregnancy should always be discussed in advance with your neurologist or epilepsy nurse specialist. More information regarding planning a pregnancy can be found here.

New job?

Epilepsy shouldn’t stop you applying for a job. Nearly all jobs are open to people with epilepsy if you are suitably qualified. By law employers can’t refuse you a job because you have epilepsy unless for certain safety reasons such as if the job involves driving a heavy goods vehicle.

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