Induction of labour

Induction of labour info graphic image Induction of labour is offered for a variety of reasons. The doctor or midwife recommending this should explain the indication and alternatives.

36 of every 100 women who give birth at NUH have an induced labour.

The reasons include:

  • baby is overdue
  • baby is large or small
  • concerns about health of woman or baby
  • reduced movements

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It could take 3 days from beginning induction of labour to the birth of your baby.


This varies because:

  • everyone responds differently to the induction process
  • there may be a wait for a bed on labour suite


Outpatient induction is offered if:

  • an adult birth partner is at home with you
  • you have transport to get to hospital
  • you are >38 weeks and there are no health issues with you or baby
  • you speak English.

If your induction of labour takes place in hospital, this will usually begin on the induction lounge and continue on the labour suite.