Blogs from our researchers

What Black History Month means to me

As part of Black History Month, today we share a blog from one of our colleagues Clinical Haematology. Salome Mwale is research nurse who shares her thoughts on Black History Month and her journey into research.

Listen to new research into treating emphysema

In the UK, about 1.3 million people are living with COPD - chronic obstructive pulmonary disease -  and there's no cure. 

Listen to the latest episode of The Clinical Research Podcast to find out how new research is helping to find new ways to treat emphysema, one of the types of COPD.

Going #Red4Research to support glaucoma research

June 18 is #Red4Research today. Set-up in 2020 to recognise the significant contribution of clinical research to COVID-19, this year everyone is being asked to wear something red for the day to show their support. Here is one patient's story of why she got involved in research.

Why red is an important colour for research at NUH

June 18 is #Red4Research Day. Show your support for clinical research by wearing something red, sharing something red or listening to our special edition #Red4Research podcast episode.

It would be great to have your support.

The links between diabetes and Fatty Liver Disease

Unlike other major diseases that contribute to deaths in the UK, deaths due to liver disease are increasing. 

In this episode of The Clinical Research Podcast, Professor Gurur Aithal, a world-leading researcher into liver disorders and a consultant hepatalogist at NUH, talks about his research into the links between Fatty Liver Disease and Diabetes.