Terms and Conditions

Terms & Conditions of the NUH Travel to Work Scheme (27th May 2015)

  1. The NUH Travel to Work Scheme allows staff to take advantage of the discounted advance travel pass rates offered by most transport operators without having to pay the full amount in one go. Instead NUH buys the ticket on behalf of the employee, at the discounted rate, and then this is taken back from the member of staff's salary in monthly instalments for the duration of the pass.
  2. The NUH Travel to Work Scheme is only available to staff directly employed by the Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust.
  3. Applicants eligible to join the Travel to work scheme must meet a series of conditions to be granted a Travel to Work Scheme pass:
    • Be directly employed by the Trust (whether on permanent or fixed term employment).
    • The end-date of the travel pass must not exceed the end date of the applicant's contract of employment.
    • The applicant must be on active assignment (including acting up, on maternity/adoption leave and on internal secondment)
  4. Staff with Locum, Bank or Honorary employment status are not eligible to apply to the NUH Travel to Work Scheme.
  5. All travel passes start on the 1st of the month. Application must be received by the 13th of the month prior to the month you wish the travel pass to commence i.e. to obtain a travel pass for November applications must be submitted by 13th October. (In December, the deadline for submitting application forms is 6th December due to the early pay day.)
  6. Upon the approval of an application, deductions will be taken monthly directly from net salaries through the NUH payroll system.
  7. Upon successful application, the operator will issue a valid travel pass/card.
  8. Travel pass/cards are not transferrable and any miss-use of the travel to work scheme cards will be handled directly by the operator, and may result in a cancellation of the pass, and a potential banning (temporary or otherwise) from joining the travel scheme again.
  9. Terms and Conditions of the operator of each travel scheme also apply.
    • Nottingham City Transport T&Cs
    • East Midlands Trains T&Cs
    • Nottingham City Council (Robin Hood) T&Cs
    • Nottingham Express Transit (NET) T&Cs
    • Trent Barton T&Cs
  10. By applying to this Travel to Work scheme, employees consent to the Trust sharing with the relevant travel scheme operator relevant personal information provided on the application form, including name, postal address, email address, and telephone number.
  11. The Trust is not liable for any travel related incidents involving staff who acquired their travel pass via the NUH Travel to Work Scheme system.
  12. The Trust does not accept any liability for loss or damage caused for any of the travel schemes or passes issued.
  13. In the event that a member of staff needs to cancel a travel pass before its expiry date they must notify the NUH Travel to Work Scheme Management team (travel@nuh.nhs.uk). A cancellation charge will apply in accordance with each transport operator’s T&Cs. This cancellation charge will be deducted from salary.
  14. For staff leaving the Trust, their pass will be automatically cancelled (and charged any applicable cancellation charge from their final salary). Passes cannot be retained at the end of employment.
  15. The last day of the pass validity will depend up on the agreed cancellation date.
    • Cancellations received on the last working date before and up to the 6th of the month will be cancelled on the last day of that month.
    • Cancellations received after the 6th of the month will be processed the following month, making the cancellation effective on the last day of that following month.
  16. EAST MIDLANDS TRAINS: The value of an annual pass from East Midlands Trains will be taken back from the member’s staff salary in 10 monthly instalments, as per the operator’s T&Cs specify no reimbursements will be done for cancellations after month 10.
  17. As per clause 16, no cancellations will be required from month 10, and no deduction fees will apply.
  18. Upon cancellation, the East Midlands Trains travel pass card must be returned to the Trust to complete the cancellation process.
  19. FOR FURTHER INFORMATION on applications visit the NUH Travel to Work section on the NUH Travel website (https://www.nuh.nhs.uk/travel-to-work-scheme) or contact the NUH Travel to Work Scheme management team (travel@nuh.nhs.uk, ext. 56888).