Arts Trails - QMC

Windows and Midnight Moon, Amaina

Location: B Floor, QMC

Australian artist Amaina created a series of abstract lithographs for Ikea in the early 1990s.

Midnight Moon, Amaina

Square print; two blue circles on top of rectangles in different shades of blue.

Times and Tides

Times and Tides - an arts trail story circle

As part of the Arts Trails Project, a writer visited Nottingham Hospitals
to offer creative writing activities with staff, patients, visitors and volunteers.
Lots of the artworks on the Arts Trails have poems and other writing made
from the activities in these sessions. A ‘story circle’ has also been written,
inspired by the experience of spending time in the hospital. It gives a flavour
of a day here, told through fictional snippets and tales.
The ‘story circle’ goes round a day from morning to night to morning again.
You can enter it anywhere and the end of one story will give you the
invitation to the next.

All names/content in the story circle is entirely fictional - enter it HERE

Multiple artworks by Melina Monhart

Location: B Floor, QMC

Melina Monhart

Morning Promise in Green (2020)

Fish in Freedom

Abstract art work of a fish

Geohorizon 4: Subterrean (2020)

Abstract art work

Melina Monhart - Inspired by the artist’s desire to capture the relationship that we have with nature, how it affects our emotions and who we are.

Melina or ‘Lina Hart’ is an inspirational artist, originally from the north of Transylvania, raised by her paternal grandfather who was the first and main artistic influence in her life, and who was a master church artist, leaving behind a work of over 60 churches.

His work sites in churches were where she had her very first encounters with the magic of the creative process.

In Lina’s practice, painting is a secret path to invite the viewer into her visions, where with what is being intuitively transmitted, the viewer re-experiences the synapses of her emotional and spiritual mind-sphere. She likes to think of her paintings as ambassadors of light.

Night and Day in the Desert, Derrick Greaves (1979)

Location: B Floor, QMC

Acrylic and Mixed Media on Canvas. 

We believe this to be Night and Day in the Desert, a work that was inspired by a spiritual trip to the Negev desert in Southern Israel.

Derrick Greaves was one of the most eminent British painters and was extensively represented in museum and public collections. He initially gained acclaim in the 1950s, when he represented Britain at the Venice Biennale along with the other 'Kitchen-Sink' painters: Bratby, Middleditch and Smith. However, his work swiftly developed into a more heraldic style that paralleled 1960s Pop Art. 

A Traditional Malay Village, Hussein Mohd Yunus

Location: B Floor, QMC

I’m looking for a different place, a holiday

Somewhere elsewhere

Far from this mizzley grey day


Artworks on display in the hospital can offer a change of scene for staff, patients and visitors. This painting drew attention from many, who said it made them think of holidays or visits with family abroad and brought back happy memories.

Where do you dream of spending time?


This one

I’m looking for a different place, a holiday

Somewhere elsewhere

Far from this mizzley grey day


This one looks like somewhere you’d relax and be refreshed

This one is a place to enjoy good times

This one makes happy memories

This one is warm

This one gives me the feeling of nature, serenity and peace

This one is something with a story behind it

This one is something to look forward to

This one is where I want to be


I’ll be on the veranda, looking out

Somewhere elsewhere

Remembering this mizzley grey day

Sketch of ‘Reclining Horse’ bronze sculpture, Elizabeth Frink (1981)

Location: B Floor, QMC

Dame Elizabeth Frink was born in Suffolk in 1930 and studied at the Guildford School of Art and Chelsea School of Art.  She was part of a postwar group of British sculptors, dubbed the Geometry of Fear school, that included Reg Butler, Kenneth Armitage he and Eduardo Paolozzi. Frink's subject matter included men, birds, dogs, horses and religious motifs, but very seldom any female forms.

The ‘Reclining Horse’ sculpture can be found outside the Postgraduate Education Centre, QMC.

Mary Fedden works

Location: B Floor, QMC

Yellow Flowers in a Grey Vase (1980), White Flowers in a Green Vase (1979)

Mary Fedden was born in Bristol and wanted to be a painter even as a child. she studied at the Slade School of Art in London from 1932 to 1936 under the theatre designer Vladimir Polunin, who had worked with the Ballets Russes. She painted sets for professional performances at Sadlers Wells, but decided against stage design as a career. She held her first exhibition at the Mansard Gallery in Heal's Department Store in 1947, showing a number of still life and flower paintings.

She painted murals for the Television pavilion at the 1951 Festival of Britain. From the late 1950s she taught painting at the Royal College of Art.

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