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Location: B Floor, QMC

Trio of works, created during the staff dance sessions.

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Poem Boards

Location: D Floor, QMC

4 poetry boards displaying some of the poems written by Rosie Carnall with inspiration from patients, staff and visitors. You can read the poems below.

Feeling Proud
We’re feeling scared
We’re staying strong
We’re trying to be kind
It’s called “Pandemic Time”
All that’s one
All that’s gone
All we hold as true
We’re wearing gloves
We’re all at work
We’re answering the call
It’s called “One for All”
All that’s one
All that’s gone
All that’s still to do
We’re working hard
We’re in it together
We’re striving for the same thing
It’s called “The Power of Caring”
All that’s one
All that’s gone
We do it all for you
Written by Rosie Carnall with inspiration from staff, patients, volunteers and visitors at NUH.

This one
I’m looking for a different place, a holiday
Somewhere elsewhere
Far from this mizzley grey day
This one looks like somewhere you’d relax and be refreshed
This one is a place to enjoy good times
This one makes happy memories
This one is warm
This one gives me the feeling of nature, serenity and peace
This one is something with a story behind it
This one is something to look forward to
This one is where I want to be
I’ll be on the veranda, looking out
Somewhere elsewhere
Remembering this mizzley grey day
Written by Rosie Carnall with inspiration from staff, patients, volunteers and visitors at NUH.

At the end of a storm is a golden sky
It’s quiet and peaceful,
The sound of the waves makes all your
problems go away
Gives me a chill vibe
The wild beauty makes me happy
while the sky hints at stormy times to come.
It makes me think of life
The birds and the sea and
People relaxing, might be fishing or wading
There are lots of different birds at the sea
On the shore as well as in the air
I wish I was in the sea on a surfboard
I used to do surfing, when I was a kid
The last time I did it
Was when I was in the army
It reminds me of fishing trips
With my uncle
It reminds me of Scarborough,
of St Agnes, Cornwall
It reminds me of our favourite beach,
of Devon and Dorset and Northumberland
It reminds me of holidays,
Brings back childhood memories
Colourful and lots to see
Small waves lapping
Happy days.
I love the energy of the waves
The light is fantastic
And the sea looks so good,
Unspoilt coastline
Looks peaceful
With no people around
Perhaps we all love the sea,
Because that’s where we came from
Written by Rosie Carnall with inspiration from staff, patients, volunteers and visitors at NUH.

Seasoning the Seasons
British spring is sharp like ghost pepper
Our summer is sweet like ice cream – a 99’ with a flake in
Autumn has warmth like a chilli
And winter is bitter like dark chocolate
Spring is tingly like pickled gherkins
Summer is sweet like cherries
Autumn is salty like a pumpkin stew
Winter is dull like tahini
Spring is crunchy like Cheerios
Summer is bright as a torch
Autumn is spooky like Halloween
Winter is harsh like taki snacks
Written by Rosie Carnall with inspiration from staff, patients, volunteers and visitors at NUH.

HandMade Theatre NHS 75 Mural

Location: B Floor, QMC

This mural was commissioned in 2023 as a celebration of our people and places for the 75th year of the NHS. There is a similar piece on each of our three sites. Queen’s Medical Centre, City Hospital and Ropewalk House. All of the people in the mural are based on the faces of real-life patients, staff, and visitors. A number of staff groups have been represented across the three pieces.Created by HandMade Theatre and painted by Amy Nicholson & Lizzie Meakin. Kindly funded by legacy funds from the Medical Staffing Committee.

Phlebotomy Sea Mural

Location: B Floor, QMC

This was painted by a student at the time, Jasmine Dawn Sky in 2022. She worked with patients and staff to develop a scene that would help people feel calm and relaxed whilst waiting for appointments.

Lesser Spotted Neopolitan KnickerBocker Glory, Peter Smith (1868)

Location: B Floor, QMC

This Neapolitan tailed hybrid was captured on canvas in 1868 when the creature was seen dining on what could only be described as coloured ice which it dug out of the frozen environment around Popsicle Bay, Iceland.

During the painting's exhibition time in America, it was seen by a young boy called Frank and made such an impact that in 1909 he tried to recreate the coloured water sticks by leaving a glass of soda water powder and water outside in his back porch with a wooden mixing stick in it. When the temperature dropped below freezing, Frank found that the soda water had frozen inside the glass, and that he was able to remove (and eat) the frozen soda.

Animal prints, Nicola Lidstone

Location: D Floor, West Block, QMC

Nicola Lidstone is an artist and physiotherapist. She has exhibited both in the UK and abroad.

The mixed media sketches displayed are inspired by the local Derbyshire countryside and visits to London Zoo. 

Illustration of a black bird.

Illustration of a hare. Illustration of a chicken.

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