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Nautical Boat Print, Ernest Audibert

Location: South Corridor, City Hospital

Ernest Audibert is a provincial artist, born in 1922. His works are characterised by soft and deep colours of his region in Marseille, France.

His landscapes are brushed in generous, colourful and diverse strokes which avoid black. Such vast range of colours highlight the areas of shadows and light as well as create a soft atmosphere of the Mediterranean coast.

La Paille Dorée

Location: South Corridor, City Hospital

André Bourrié is a self-taught French painter, born in 1936.

His works combine pointillism (using small dots to create patterns) and neo-impressionism. They describe a calm, beautiful, and peaceful world. Such impression of serenity in Bourrié's art correlates to great nostalgia as he lost both of his parents as a child, during the Second World War.

Seven Colours

Location: North Corridor, City Hospital

Artist, Michael Rothenstein, and Poet, Edward Lucie-Smith,
specially produced screen prints and woodcuts.

Council House, Neil Tarn

Location: North Corridor, City Hospital

A sketch of Nottingham Council House by Neil Tarn.

Multiple seaside photographs

Location: North Corridor, City Hospital


At the end of a storm is a golden sky

It’s quiet and peaceful, 

The sound of the waves makes all your problems go away

Gives me a chill vibe


The wild beauty makes me happy 

while the sky hints at stormy times to come. 

It makes me think of life


The birds and the sea and

People relaxing, might be fishing or wading

There are lots of different birds at the sea

On the shore as well as in the air


I wish I was in the sea on a surfboard

I used to do surfing, when I was a kid

The last time I did it 

Was when I was in the army


It reminds me of fishing trips

With my uncle

It reminds me of Scarborough,

of St Agnes, Cornwall

It reminds me of our favourite beach, 

of Devon and Dorset and Northumberland

It reminds me of holidays, 

Brings back childhood memories

Colourful and lots to see

Small waves lapping

Happy days. 


I love the energy of the waves

The light is fantastic

And the sea looks so good, 

Unspoilt coastline

Looks peaceful

With no people around


Perhaps we all love the sea, 

Because that’s where we came from

Collaborative Mosaic Series

Location: North Corridor, City Hospital

A collaborative mosaic series with Nottingham artist, Annie Mae Ditchfield, to give Critical Care staff the opportunity to reflect on their experiences of working throughout the Covid-19 pandemic.

The mosaics are predominantly made up of recycled and kindly donated tiles from Awn Surface Design Studio (Sneinton), CDT Tiles (Lenton), B&Q (Riverside) as well as from Nottingham community residents.

The piece that you see here at City Hospital is a photograph of the one produced by staff in the Critical Care Department, City Hospital.

The project produced three pieces:

Piece 1: Support

The central image depicts a staff member being supported by another member of the team in the height of the pandemic. Surrounding is a series of tiles portraying factors that staff reported helped them get through this period including ; family, talking, pets, exercise and duty alongside single word responses summarising their experiences on receded layers

Staff member dressed in PPE

Piece 2: Strength

The central image illustrates two staff members standing strong in unity despite challenges faced. Staff members designed the left figure to have a red sore nose to reflect the physical marks left on their faces from PPE and for both figures to have ‘blurry PPE goggles’ that would steam up and be difficult to see through. Surrounding the central image is a series of square tiles visualising factors that helped staff members get through the pandemic including ; "getting outside, seeking professional help and kindly donated food

Staff members during pandemic

Piece 3: Teamwork

A series of interlocking hands signifying the teamwork on the Critical Care Wards throughout the pandemic. Surrounding the central hands are tiles to reflect staff’s feedback on what helped them get through the pandemic including; switching the news off, music, hugs and walking.

Staff members holding hands showing team work during pandemic

Sun in Moonset, Melina Monhart

Location: North Corridor, City Hospital

Melina Monhart - Inspired by the artist’s desire to capture the relationship that we have with nature, how it affects our emotions and who we are.

Melina or ‘Lina Hart’ is an inspirational artist, originally from the north of Transylvania, raised by her paternal grandfather who was the first and main artistic influence in her life, and who was a master church artist, leaving behind a work of over 60 churches.

His work sites in churches were where she had her very first encounters with the magic of the creative process.

In Lina’s practice, painting is a secret path to invite the viewer into her visions, where with what is being intuitively transmitted, the viewer re-experiences the synapses of her emotional and spiritual mind-sphere. She likes to think of her paintings as ambassadors of light.

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