Arts Trails - Children's Hospital

Arts Trails - Children's Hospital

Partners in Crime, Doug Hyde

Location: E Floor, East Block, QMC

Doug Hyde’s original paintings, sculpture and limited editions have become highly sought-after collectors’ items over the last two decades. Named in a BBC news broadcast as the most popular living artist in the UK, Hyde has been the subject of numerous books and articles and has been featured on national TV on several occasions.

Over the years, Hyde’s style has shifted and progressed in subtle ways, reflecting the changes in both his personal circumstances and the world around him. While his work has developed to reflect changes in his own life and introduce new media, the style of his works remains recognisable with their stories of love, friendship and adventure.

Doug Hyde has built a formidable reputation as the man behind ‘the smile’. The iconic smile is a signature motif that has become synonymous with the artist. Its recurring presence celebrates the bond that has formed between him and his audience, as the face smiling out at us so directly engages us immediately and invites us to respond in kind.

Whether you are looking to reminisce your childhood, celebrate the animals in your life or share messages of love with those close to you, Doug's amazing artworks are an opportunity to bring joy into any room.

Ella’s Grandpa Goes Hippity Hop

Location: E Floor, QMC

The artworks displayed present a taster of the story as the fun and eye-catching nature of the illustrations make Ella and Louise's story come to life.

Written by Ella Sharpe and Louise Kirk.

Illustrated by Elizabeth Haynes.

Look out for a video explaining the journey of Ella's Grandpa Goes Hippity Hop, very soon!

Works from George Spencer School

Location: E Floor, QMC

These bright and colourful works were donated to the hospital by George Spencer School in Stapleford.

Animal Prints, Nicola Lidstone

Location: D Floor, QMC

Nicola Lidstone is an artist and physiotherapist. She has exhibited both in the UK and abroad.

The mixed media sketches displayed are inspired by the local Derbyshire countryside and visits to London Zoo.  Illustration of a flamingo.

Illustration of a giraffe.

Illustration of a goldfish.

Times and Tides

Times and Tides - an arts trail story circle

As part of the Arts Trails Project, a writer visited Nottingham Hospitals
to offer creative writing activities with staff, patients, visitors and volunteers.
Lots of the artworks on the Arts Trails have poems and other writing made
from the activities in these sessions. A ‘story circle’ has also been written,
inspired by the experience of spending time in the hospital. It gives a flavour
of a day here, told through fictional snippets and tales.
The ‘story circle’ goes round a day from morning to night to morning again.
You can enter it anywhere and the end of one story will give you the
invitation to the next.

All names/content in the story circle is entirely fictional - enter it HERE

Polnay's Promenade (2006)

Location: E Floor, QMC

This poem was inspired by Dr Seuss prints:



This hospital place is all very good,

It’s a great place for treatment, that’s understood.

But these days and the nights that I’ve got to stay here,

It’s really not quite what I’d planned for my year.


There are all kinds of games that I need to play,

Inventions to make up and tempers to fray.

Trees that need climbing and swings swinging free,

Mud, sand and sticky for spreading on me.


Sunny days sunning and rainy days wet,

Jumping and running alongside my pet.

Lazy days mooching wherever I’m led,

Then falling asleep in my own messy bed.


I’ve got plans to make up a three-act new show,

And some arrows to fire from my Robin Hood bow.

While I’m here I am hatching up all kinds of schemes,

Which provides me with hours of fantastical dreams.


Just wait till I’m better, I’ll jump on my bike,

I’ll bounce on the sofa and go for a hike.

I’ll be dancing and shouting and pounding my chest,

With all my energy saved from this super long rest.

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