Kidney Research

Kidney research

Nottingham Renal and Transplant Unit is a very research active department. We feel that taking part in research is the best way to ensure that our patients are offered the best and most up to date treatments. We believe that research is crucial to improving the outcomes for our patients both now and in the future.

The department takes part in research studies in the areas of renal medicine, transplant and dialysis. These may be interventional – testing new treatments – or observational – not changing treatments, but recording what treatments patients are having and what their outcomes are over time. Many of our patients are, or have been, participants in a range of research studies.

With the support of our medical staff, we have a team of dedicated and experienced research nurses and practitioners who carry out the research studies we are participating in. They ensure that the participants are monitored carefully and that the research studies are carried out properly. Patient safety is always our first priority. You may be approached by a member of this team about relevant research studies when you are visiting the department as we want to give as many patients as possible the opportunity to take part in research and receive new treatments. Of course, you do not have to take part in any research if you do not want to, and your medical care will not be affected by any decision you make about a research study.

If you would like to know more about the research going on in the department, see our Research noticeboard in Renal Outpatients, ask a member of medical staff or contact our research team directly.

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