Taking part in the RECOVERY trial at NUH

The RECOVERY trial

About 19 out of 20 patients who get coronavirus get better without coming to hospital. Of those who are admitted to hospital, most also get better, but some may need oxygen or mechanical ventilation before they do so. However, a few percent do not get better.

This trial showed that dexamethasone (a type of steroid) reduces the risk of dying for some patients hospitalised with COVID-19. There are no drugs of proven value against COVID-19 although there are several others which may turn out to be helpful when added to the usual care.

This trial aims to find out whether any of these additional treatments are of any help.

How you can take part

If you are admitted to NUH with confirmed or suspected COVID-19, your clinical team and our research nurses (who specialise in supporting patients taking part in clinical trials) will talk to you about taking part in the RECOVERY trial.

They will give you all of the information you need before you decide.

If the RECOVERY trial is not suitable for you, then you may be eligible to take part in other COVID-19 research taking place in our hospitals.

For more information

You'll want more information about the study and the potential benefits and also to understand any risks of taking part.

You can find all of this on the RECOVERY trial website or, when you are in our hospitals, by talking to your clinical team at NUH.