Bereavement and Medical Examiners Services

Our service is conducted over the phone and, therefore, you will not be required to attend the hospital to collect your friend/ relatives death certificate.

Please call the Bereavement Services on the number below the next working day after your friend/ relative has died and they will explain the process:

The Bereavement Services Number: 0115 970 9113

If you have not been given a Bereavement Booklet by the ward then an electronic version of our booklet is available here:

Information for those who are bereaved booklet

The Birch Tree Campaign

How it works

For the month of Dying Matters, the Bereavement Services department are offering bereaved next of kin the opportunity to have a leaf dedication in our Family Room, on our Birch Tree.

The silver birch tree is a symbol of beginning anew, growth, courage and protection. Ours is a testament to all of those that have had to begin anew, following a bereavement, representing the courage needed to grow through grief. 

At the bottom of this page you will see a link to a submission form, use this to enter the name of the person that you would like to dedicate a leaf to, chose a size option, and add your own details so that we may update you once the leaf is in place. At some point in the near future, we will also be organising an event to reveal our birch tree in all of its glory, therefore you will also be required to indicate if you would be interested in attending this.

Here is an example of the sizes (medium and large)

Leaf sizes, medium and large

A selection of current leaves featured on our Birch Tree in the Bereavement Family Room, QMC, A Floor, West Block.








These leaves are free of charge courtesy of the NUH pantomime, and will be created and engraved after Dying Matters month has ended and all submissions have been collected. In the event that we receive so many submissions that we reach the top of our budget, then submissions may be closed early.

How this was possible

The NUH pantomime is an annual show that is produced, directed, and performed by NUH staff members!  Each year, funds raised from ticket sales are donated to a worthy cause within the Trust. In 2024, the Bereavement services department were honoured to have been chosen, and here you can see the Bereavement Services manager, Jo Frearson-smith, accepting the cheque at the end of their most recent show, ‘Aladdin!’  And, of course, our Bereavement Suite would not have been possible without the support of the Friends of the QMC charity, the NUH Trust, and all of those that fundraised and donated.

The Bereavement Services Family Room, A Floor, West Block The Bereavement Services manager accepting the cheque at the end of their most recent show, ‘Aladdin!’








Complete the leaf dedication submission form

What the Bereavement Service does

The Bereavement Services team are located both at the QMC and City Campus. We are part of a combined service consisting of Mortuary and Bereavement Services and the Medical Examiners Service.

If you are with your friend/ relative at the time of death you should recieve a bereavement booklet entitled: ‘Information for Those Who Are Bereaved’.

Read this booklet carefully, it will help you navigate the process that takes place following a death. If you do not have a copy of this booklet then please click below for an online version:

Please then ensure that you contact the bereavement service on the next working day to begin that process.

The Bereavement Service will facilitate the practical arrangements for your friend/ relative- this will include liaising with the Medical Examiner and Doctors at the hospital who cared for them to faciliatate the completion of a medical death certificate. The Bereavment Service will also offer advice and guidance on if the death needs to be discussed with the Coroner.

We will also need to discuss your friend/ relatives cause of death with you to ensure that you have no concerns. Following this conversation, we will be able to send your friend/ relativesmedical death certificate directly to the Nottingham City Council House. This will mean that you are able to register the death.

For any queries regarding your friend/ relatives property, please contact the ward directly.


Bereavement services also work closely with Palliative Care and also share their branding of the SWAN. SWAN is an anorgam for Signs Words Actions and Needs. This movement encourages staff to provide the best possible End of Life care for their patients. #onechance

What the Medical Examiner does

The Medical Examiners Service is a national system of specifically trained independent senior doctors that have been employed in the NHS to provide support for bereaved families, improve patient safety and help adhere to the Learning from Deaths Policy. 

It is their job to scrutinise the medical circumstances leading to death and ensure that cases are referred to the Coroner when necessary and that the content of the death certificate is accurate. The Medical Examiner's service also allows the bereaved next of kin to ask any questions that they may have relating to the death and raise any concerns.

Therefore, all deaths will be subject to either a medical examiner’s scrutiny or a coroner’s investigation.

Royal College of Pathologists


What the Mortuary does

The Mortuary services care for the deceased from receipt into the mortuary until they are released to the funeral directors and are based at both the QMC and City campus.

The mortuary provides services for the Nottingham HM Coroners to investigate deaths both in the hospital and local community and this is licensed under the Human Tissue Act. Post Mortem examinations are also carried out within the mortuary.

The Mortuary are also able to facilitate viewing appointments of your deceased relative/friend but you must call the below number to book this:

0115 9194442

If someone dies in the community and not in the hospital

If your relative or friend has died in the community then please contact the Nottingham Coroner’s Office for further instruction.

Other Enquiries

For any other inquires please ring the hospital on 0115 924 9924 and add whichever extention that you require, or ring one of the below numbers directly.

Hospital Palliative Care Team:

QMC: 88402 City: 74977


QMC: 83836 City: 76187

Patient Advice Liason Service (PALS):  0800 183 0204

The Nottingham Coroners: 0115 8415553

The Nottingham City Council House: 0115 841554

Child Bereavement Team (QMC): 86276

How to STOP mail being posted for your deceased relative/ friend: If you would like to remove a deceased relation from direct marketing list then please follow the below link:

Click here to visit the website:

Stop Mail

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Contact us

Lines are open 10.00am-4.00pm, Monday-Friday

Specialist Nursing and Midwifery Team


Tel: 0115 924 9924 Ext: 65112


Tel: 0115 924 9924 Ext: 65800

Bereavement Centre


Tel: 0115 970 9113

City Hospital   

Tel: 0115 962 7720

Mortuary (viewing appointments)  


Tel: 0115 919 4442

City Hospital 

Tel: 0115 962 7720

Out of hours for emergencies only (weekends and after 6.00pm Monday-Friday) call switchboard on Tel: 0115 924 9924 ask for on call mortuary technician. Emergencies are considered to be within the first 24 hours of a death unless there are exceptional circumstances. 

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