Bereavement Services

The Bereavement Services team are located both at the QMC and City Campus. We are part of a combined service consisting of Mortuary and Bereavement Services and the Medical Examiners Service.

Should you need to contact the Bereavement Service at the QMC or City hospital please use the numbers below:

QMC: 0115 9709113

City: 0115 9627720

Should you require a viewing suite appointment to visit a deceased relative at the QMC hospital then please ring: 0115 9194442

If you need advice on the death of a child, please contact child bereavement (extension number in Other Enquiries).

What the Bereavement Service does

The first thing you’ll receive from the ward once someone you know has died is an ‘Information for Those Who Are Bereaved’ booklet. Read this booklet carefully, it will help you with the process that must take place now that a death has occurred. If you do not have a copy of this booklet then please click below for an online version:

Information for those who are Bereaved Booklet

Please then ensure that you contact the bereavement service on the next working day.

The Bereavement Service will facilitate the practical arrangements for the deceased- this will include them liaising with doctors at the hospital to ensure the completion of the relevant paperwork and offering advice and guidance on registering a death or discussing the death with the Coroner.

Bereavement Services may also store property for the deceased for the family to collect from the hospital and may assist in arranging funerals where there is no next of kin.

What the Medical Examiner does

From April 2019, a national system of medical examiners have been employed in the NHS system to provide support for bereaved families and to improve patient safety. 

The medical examiners will be part of a national network of specifically trained independent senior doctors (from any specialty) who are overseen by a National Medical Examiner. It is their job to scrutinise all deaths that do not fall under the coroner’s jurisdiction across a local area.

Therefore, all deaths will be subject to either a medical examiner’s scrutiny or a coroner’s investigation.

What the Mortuary does

Mortuary services are primarily based at the QMC, they care for the deceased from receipt into the mortuary until they are released to the funeral directors.

The mortuary provides services for the Nottingham HM Coroners to investigate deaths both in the hospital and local community and this is licensed under the Human Tissue Act. Post Mortem examinations are also carried out within the mortuary but only take place at the QMC campus.

Viewing suite appointments can be made every weekday between 9am- 4.00pm by contacting 0115 9194442. And if you require an emergency appointment during the weekend this can be arranged by contacting switchboard who will put you through to an on-call staff member. Please note that emergency appointments are for immediate family only.

If someone dies in the community and not in the hospital

If your relative or friend has died in the community then please contact the Nottingham Coroner’s Office for further instruction.

Other Enquiries

For any other inquires please ring the hospital on 0115 9249924 and add the extention of the organisation you require:

Hospital Palliative Care Team:

QMC: 68402 City: 54977


QMC: 63779 City: 56187

Tissue Donation: 

QMC: 63149 City: 56792  Out of hours/ weekend: 0800 4320 559

Child Bereavement Team: 66276

Hayward House: 57079