We are here for you

We've made a clear commitment to our patients and staff that 'we are here for you'.

We will to do all we can to ensure our patients get the best possible care we can give them. We want you to be proud to be part of the NUH team.

This is about what we say, how we say it and how we look when we are dealing with patients, family members or carers and other members of staff our colleagues.


Our behavioural standards for all staff

These behavioural standards have been developed with staff and patients, to help us support each other to deliver the consistently high quality service our communities deserve. The standards apply to all of us, and are a part of everyone's job. Click here to download the full document.


Our values

  • Caring and helpful
  • Safe and vigilant
  • Clinically excellent
  • Accountable and reliable
  • Best use of time and resources
  • Innovation for patients

Our pledge to patients

To ensure all day, everyday we will all do our very best to ensure they are cared for, safe and confident in their treatment.


Our commitment to each other our NUH colleagues

This is to do our best to ensure we are appreciated, supported and encouraged in the work we do.

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