QMC League of Friends

Registered Charity No. 509965

The League of Friends of Queen's Medical Centre has been in existence since 1978. We aim to increase our membership and the amount of support (both financial and otherwise) that we give to our local hospital. We always welcome new people to join us and help us to achieve these aims.

Although the Queen's Medical Centre and City Hospital are run by one trust (Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust), the League of Friends of QMC remains separate from the City Hospital League of Friends and operates as an independent charity for the benefit of the QMC. There is, however, a close mutually supportive relationship between the Leagues.

Who are the League of Friends?  

We are a group of people who want to give something back to the community and have chosen to do so by volunteering to support the hospital. Our fund raising has enabled a wide variety of both medical and non-medical equipment to be provided, all of which has improved the welfare of patients and staff throughout the hospital. Members are encouraged to help with fund raising activities and to join our social events or just to support our charity.

How are funds raised?

Fund raising can be split into four main categories:

  • Our charity shop in Wolds Drive, Keyworth
  • Commission on sales of paintings in the Peggy Greenfield Art Gallery
  • Various fund raising events such as coffee mornings, craft fairs and charity lunches
  • Donations and legacies

More information:

The League has complete control over how  funding is used. Any manager in the hospital can submit a bid which is then considered and prioritised by the League committee. The main criterion is that the money should be used to fund equipment which will have the most impact on improving patients' treatment and stay in hospital and will enable staff to treat patients more effectively.

How is the League of Friends of QMC organised?

  • Trustees are elected for a three-year term. They are legally responsible for the proper running of the League as a charity.
  • The general committee consists of  members who have an active interest and involvement in the League. They help to raise funds and how they are spent.
  • A fund raising committee plans and runs events
  • A committee evaluates bids from the hospital

The trustees and the general committee meet regularly and there is an Annual General Committee to review activities and approve the accounts and report and elect Trustees.

Read the Annual Report and Accounts 2015/16

How can I help?

There are many ways to help. You could help with our fund raising activities, in the charity shop or with publicity about the League or get involved in other ways.  Even if you do not want to become involved directly or personally as a member, you could make a donation or assist in other ways.

Visit our Just Giving page

Or download our leaflet to read more about us and make a donation.

We are particularly interested in volunteers to help us in our Gallery on D. Floor, at our shop in Keyworth, and in specialised areas such as online communications, fundraising, corporate sponsorship and as Trustees. The League is run solely by volunteers and without them we wouldn’t be able to function. So any help and support is very welcome.

How can I become a member?

Download the application form here or contact the membership secretary:

Mrs. Barbara Jarratt, Thatched Cottage, Church Lane, Attenborough, Nottingham NG9 6AS. Tel: 0115 925 9486.

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