What happens if my child has a hearing loss?

If a hearing loss is identified what can be done?

Depending on the nature of the hearing loss identified, appropriate support and management is provided. This may involve monitoring or fitting of a hearing aid. 


What if my child needs a hearing aid?

If a persistent or permanent loss of hearing is present which is significant we will discuss the use of amplification. Within our service we fit hearing aids based on the needs of the child. We refer the child to ENT for their medical opinion. We regularly monitor, evaluate and support that child, ensuring we closely work with our education team to enable affective communication assisting learning as well as with other medical professionals.

Behind-the-ear aids (BTE) are worn with an open fitting tube or earmould, which not only feed sounds through into the ear but also keep the hearing aid secure behind your ear. We fit this type of aid to children as they grow rapidly and these are more durable. Assistive listening devices, such as FM systems, are easily connected to the aid to improve audibility of sound in difficult listening environments. The model of BTE hearing aid fitted depends on the type and degree of hearing loss.

In-the-ear aids (ITE) function in the same way a BTE hearing aids but fit within the ear. They can still be visible as they sit within the bowl of the ear. We do not fit this type of aid to children as they are not durable and as a child grows rapidly the fitting within the ear cannot be easily modified. 

Bone anchored hearing aids (BAHAs) are a specialist type of aid to assist those that are not suited to behind or in the ear hearing aids. They are a type of a bone conduction hearing aid that requires a surgical implant or for infants can be fitted to a soft headband.



We offer a choice of colours/designs of earmoulds.


Getting a new earmould

If your child is under 5 years of age they will require an appointment in CHAC.

If they are above 5 years of age we can arrange an appointment downstairs in our Adult Department or in one of our outreach clinics.

To arrange an appointment contact us to book:

Under 5 years

Tel: 0115 948 5591

Over 5 years

Tel: 0115 948 5525 or 0115 948 5545


Did you know you can speed up getting your mould if you consent to having it sent direct to your home from the manufacturers? Why not ask your audiologist about this?