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The Nottingham Nurses' League is for nurses and midwives from all specialities.

The League aims to:

  • Promote the profession of nursing and midwifery within the local community.
  • Promote interest in the development, training, traditions and present and future roles of nursing services in the Nottingham area.
  • Provide social and networking opportunities across the past and present nursing fraternity



1st Annual Reunion 1949 Taken in Pearson House NGHIn 1948 the General Hospital Nurses League was founded following the return of several nursing personnel from duties related to the Second World War, including registered nurses who had either trained at the General Hospital or who were working in a staff capacity as well as retired nurses. The League was formed as an organisation to provide a forum for discussion of professional matters relating to the hospital and aimed to provide social contacts and raise money to help the elderly and needy members.

In its heyday the membership amounted to more than 400 people, many of whom continue to work or support Nottingham hospitals. Every ward or departmental sister became a member and newly qualified nurses found it difficult to pass through Matron’s office without signing up to membership! 

Matron Miss Margaret Plucknett 1941 to 1958 NGHThe first president was Miss Liddle (former matron of the General Hospital), the chairman was Matron Plucknett and the first honorary secretary was Mollie (or Katie) Denman, whom many may remember as Sister Tutor of the General Hospital Preliminary Training School, or as the principal organist in the Hospital’s chapel for many years. 

Meetings were held in the spring and autumn and were high social as well as business affairs; hats and gloves for ladies were the order of the day (no longer an essential requirement!) and afternoon tea was always an elegant feature of such events. This style of meeting continued until the 1970s.

In 1971, following the amalgamation of several different  Nottingham Schools of Nursing, City, Women’s and Children’s Hospitals and the development of the Nottingham Medical School, the League changed its name to Nottingham Hospitals Nurses’ League.

In 1981, the League became the Nottingham Nurses’ League in order to incorporate nurses working outside the hospitals within the community and certified midwives.

Unfortunately for several reasons during the early part of this century, membership numbers began to fall. However, due to a very enthusiastic team and the chairman, Trevor Ride (a graduate of the General Hospital), we have already recruited several new members and are avidly looking for more.

We have a spirited, up-to-date constitution reflecting new aims and objectives. Details of criteria for membership applications are shown in our constitution and bylaws document. News items and events are published regularly and can be accessed through the twice-yearly newsletter, the NUH website, or through local press and other media.

We need you!

We need you!

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