Trainees (Junior Doctors)

We would like to welcome you to our Trust. We are looking forward to meeting you, helping you settle into life and your training at NUH.

We want to make sure that you have a successful training experience, at NUH and a robust induction will really help you on your way. We review the induction process regularly in response to feedback, and so even if you have worked with us before, some of the processes and arrangements will have changed. This welcome letter highlights some important key information.

Welcome from NUH


As the Director of Postgraduate Medical Education at NUH I would like to welcome you to our Trust. We are looking forward to meeting you, helping you settle into life and your training at NUH.

We want to make sure that you have a successful training experience at NUH and a robust induction will really help you on your way. We have been reviewing our induction processes in response to feedback, and so even if you have worked with us before, some of the processes and arrangements will have changed. Please make sure you attend where you are asked to and either confirm your mandateoy training is up to date or complete the elearning and relevant packages.

These web pages have been designed to give you specific information to support your transition to the Trusts in a seamless manner therefore please ensure you review the details and respond to the emails you received from Team NUH.

We hope you have an enjoyable time at NUH and that you progress your training. There are numerous training and development opportunities so try to make the most of them. If you have ideas you would like to progress then we will aim to support. Our overarching aim is for you to achieve excellence as a doctor.

Good luck in your new post.

Dr Adrian Blundell
Director of Postgraduate Medical Education


Before you join NUH

Before joining Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust we are required to ensure your clearances have been finalised. To make this transition as smooth as possible we will need your cooperation in collating the necessary documentation to enable us to validate these checks. 

  • Verification of ID: We will need a valid passport/driving license/birth certificate
  • DBS: We will need to validate specific documents including your ID document to process you application.  For overseas doctors a translated certificate of good standing from your home country will also be required.
  • Right to Work Checks: We need a valid passport and any associated Immigration documentation
  • Professional registration checks: Confirmation of your GMC number
  • Occupational health clearance: If you need to complete our online questionnaire and visit occupational health we will be in touch closer to your starting date.

In addition to the above we will need you to complete the following documents to support our payroll process:

  • Bank details
  • Pensions form
  • A46/starter checklist
  • A copy of your pay protection letter (Doctors in training only)
  • Next of kin form
  • Qualification opportunities form
  • Copy of your most recent pay slip
  • A valid DBS certificate within the last 3 years – doctors in training only

The request for these documents will be sent by our recruitment team along with your offer letter and your work schedule.


Less Than Full Time:

If you have agreement to work less than full time hours during your placement with NUH, please contact your co-ordinator to advise them of the agreed hours so they can ensure your rota’s are reflective.

Doctors' Mess

We have an active Doctors Mess on both campuses that we hope you will join  in order you can access to the doctors mess please contact with the completed application form:


Parking permits

We would like to give you the opportunity to apply for a car parking permit before you start work. This will enable the car parking team to process your application in time for your first day.

The Trust is currently undergoing a full parking permit review to reduce congestion on our sites. Our partner organizations include the University of Nottingham, Nottinghamshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust and Carillion. 

You can apply for a permit at QMC, City Hospital or both campuses. If you would like to apply you will need to submit an application via Indigo. Click here to go to the applicationsite. Use 44444444 in place of your assignment number on the application.

Click here for further information about parking permits and the Trust's Travel Better scheme.

Important contacts

Doctors Co-ordinator

Medicine Division

  • Julie Cotton - Ext: 62212 - Medicine QMC
  • Paul Maher - Ext: 62213 - Medicine City
  • ED - Ext: 61153


Surgery Division

  • Louise Noble - Ext: 67798 - Surgery QMC
  • Gemma Horton - Ext: 55290 - Surgery City


Family Health Division

  • Christ Oscroft - Ext: 67193 - Obs, Gynae and Neonates
  • Jacqueline Vickers - Ext: 62010 - Paediatrics and PICU


Clinical Support Division

  • Vanessa Bacon - Ext: 55637 - Anaesthetics City
  • Pauline Campbell - Ext: 67190 - Anaesthetics QMC
  • Kathryn Wise - Ext: 61275 - Head and Neck

Your first day at NUH

On you first day at Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trusts you may be required to attend the junior doctor’s corporate induction. 

The recruitment team will send an invite to the induction if this is the case, usually we ask that any doctors who have not worked with us before or if you are returning after more than a year break.

Making the most of the induction materials and events provided for you will make a big difference to your early weeks of working at NUH. There are three aspects to our induction:

  • Mandatory training - It is important your mandatory training is up to date as this enables the Trust to stay insured for the work you provide and provides important information to keep you, your patients, their carers and other staff safe. There are two aspects to mandatory training; an elearning package and role related training including resuscitation and manual handling.  Please make sure you complete the Trust e-induction package before you start as this contains lots of important information you will need if you are to operate effectively at NUH. The material required is grade specific and so please check requirements. Depending on how much elearning you have to complete you may be entitled to a day off in lieu.
  • Corporate Induction - You must attend the Trust-wide Welcome and Induction session if invited by HR Recruitment. This will give you some insights into how NUH works as an organisation and provides key information for you as a doctor in training with us. 
  • Your new specialty will provide you with a local induction.

If you do not need to attend the corporate induction, you will need to report to your department. Your divisional coordinator will be able to provide further details including information about your local departmental inductions.

Your employment with NUH

Once you have commenced in post, NUH is committed to you and your experiences. Our relationship is key to us both achieving our outcome therefore, it is important that you are fully aware of the requirements to your posts and that you are signposted correctly. Below are a few sign posts which will help you along your journey with team NUH.



We need to be able to keep in touch with you. Many of you will already have an email account. You will be provided with a NUH email address for your time with us. Please ensure that you check your NUH account as this will give you access to the weekly Trust Briefing and important education and safety announcements. This is the address we will use to contact you.



You will be allocated a Clinical and/or Educational Supervisor and they will discuss your personal development plan with you. Make sure you meet with them formally at the start, during and at the end of your post to get the most out of the opportunities we have at NUH.


Study leave

We are committed to your education and training.  Please acquaint yourself with local study leave procedures. 


Trust IT systems

Almost all of our clinical work runs through ICT based systems. Your ICT access packs will be provided at the Corporate Induction Event. Access to the ICT Hospital Systems (NUH Network logon credentials, Notis, Medway PAS, DHR Unity, PACS, e-Obs) will only be given once you have attended a formal training session. It is obviously essential to attend the corporate induction if you are going to be able to complete your day-today work; order investigations, look at results etc. You will have access to H@N information and e-Obs via a handheld device.

Treatment Centre access

If you are working in any of the following specialties at the QMC, the likelihood is that you will be spending some of your time working over in the Treatment Centre: 

  • Respiratory medicine
  • Rheumatology
  • Dermatology
  • Gynaecology
  • Gastroenterology
  • HpB
  • Colorectal
  • Cardiology
  • Vascular surgery
  • General surgery
  • Orthopaedics

Although the TC is run and managed by Circle Partnership, a private sector company, the majority of clinical staff working in the TC are from Nottingham University Hospitals providing services there on a secondment basis for all or part of their time depending on the clinical specialty.

To enable our staff to be seconded to work in the Treatment Centre, we have to demonstrate to the Care Quality Commission (previously 'The Healthcare Commission') that our staff are fit for purpose.  This involves ensuring several key things are in place. Please ensure you read the information below and contact if needed. These checks are as follows:


Enhanced DBS clearance

You will need an enhanced DBS check undertaken by Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust (or a previous NHS Trust within the last three years). This should already have been done as part of your recruitment process, or currently being carried out by your HR co-ordinator. If not, please let us know.


Resus training

The minimum requirement for this to work in the TC is BLS, although NUH requires an annual AMLS (Adult Medical Life Support) update for doctors. Please let us know the date you last did your resuscitation training and at what level (ALS/BLS/AMLS).


Manual handling training

If you have evidence that you have attended a course on this in the past two years please send it to us. If not, you will need to attend a training session as soon as possible. Please contact the Learning Department on ext 76776 or email to find out when sessions are running and to book a place. Alternatively, you can log onto your e-Learning account via Log on with your payroll number. If you have not logged on before the password is learning. Click on the green tab at the top, 'Role Related' and then scroll down until you can see the link ‘Manual Handling Central Assessments for Clinic based Staff’. Click the link, then Topic 1 (Central Manual Handling Assessments for Clinic Based Staff) to bring up a list of the dates the sessions are running. Click to book yourself on.


Occupational health clearance

You must have full occupational health clearance in order to work in the Treatment Centre. They can be contacted on ext 56646 if you have any questions.

ID badges and access cards are available from the Treatment Centre Main Reception, once valid clearance is received.

ID badges and access cards are available from Monday to Friday from 9am to 12pm and from 2pm to 3pm.

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