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Nominate your team for Team of the Week

We want to champion all of Team NUH, whether you're frontline staff, or you keep our hospitals working in a role behind the scenes.

Each week we shine a light on one team from across the organisation. We talk about what their role/s involve, their latest achievements, and what makes them proud to work at NUH.

Does your team deserve to be Team of the Week?

Nominating your team - or a team that you work with, and feel deserves recognition - as Team of the Week is simple. 

Simply fill in this short nomination form, and email it to nuh.communications@nuh.nhs.uk. If you have a photo of your nominated team, please send it alongside your nomination form. If not, we'll organise a photo with you. 

As we receive lots of nominations, you may have to wait a few weeks until your team is featured. If you'd like to align your nomination to a particular week due to an event, or delivery of a project for example, please flag this in your nomination email and we'll do our best to schedule your nominated team on the intended week.

Where do we promote the Team of the Week?

The Team of the Week is promoted from Tuesday afternoon (around 3pm) on the Team NUH Facebook and Twitter channels. 

Look out for your team in the weekly Trust Briefing newsletter too, which goes to all 15,000 members of Team NUH.

Team of the Week - Trauma Housekeeping Team