Team NUH strategy

We are in year six of the NUH Strategy where our vision is to be ‘outstanding in health outcomes and patient and staff experience’ underpinned by our Team NUH values. Our current focus is on the People First priorities which can be accessed here .

To help us drive towards our vision, we have three strategic objectives:

  • Our Patients are at the heart of everything we do, and we will ensure they receive timely safe care, have a good experience and are treated in the best facilities.
  • Our People are crucial to delivering our vision and we want you to have a positive and inclusive experience and to feel engaged, empowered and supported to develop.
  • Our Population Health Outcomes are important as it is our responsibility as a healthcare provider to improve the outcomes of local people, and that goes beyond the time they are in our care.

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This year we have mapped our journey from where we are now through to the end of our Trust Strategy and the future clinical model of our Tomorrow’s NUH programme. The Trust strategic roadmap outlines the multi-year plan to achieve our vision and the deliverables that will make progress towards the TNUH clinical model.

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It should be noted that the strategic roadmap is a live document and is subject to change. Most notably service reconfigurations are subject to major service change guidance and consultation.

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