Information for staff joining us temporarily during COVID-19

Hello and welcome to Team NUH. Thank you for joining our team temporarily to support us at what is certainly an unprecedented time. No matter which route you have come to us from we really do appreciate it, so thank you!

The NHS aligns to a training framework, known as the Core Skills Training Framework (CSTF) and there are a number of topics that we have to be compliant against in order to work at NUH. We have identified which are Essential for you to do your role.

What do you need to do?

  • You will need to self-declare for the majority of topics and can do so using previous training you have already completed with your current university, employer of on an external website (further details are on the self-declaration form
  • For any required topics in the list on the form, if you have not completed training at the required level, you can do so using one of this links below.
  • There are also some topics that you will need to complete the NUH training package for either by watching the video link below or by booking yourself on to a face to face session
  • If there are other topics that aren’t in the list of required, but that you have also completed previously (we do not need you to do these if you haven’t already) such as Consent, Information Governance or Data Security, Dementia Awareness, Equality & Diversity, please add these into the box further down the declaration form

The below table should give a clearer picture of the action needed for each topic:



Pandemic flexible worker

Essential Topics Required



Action needed




Links/details for topics that require further action

Infection Prevention and Control




Basic life support

*see further details below

Self –declare

Read document below

Book a face to face session


Health and Safety 




Fire Safety




Manual handling Level 1




Manual Handling Level 2

** see further details below

NUH training needs to be completed


Book a face to face session


Safeguarding Adults L2 and Children L2 & 3

NUH Training needs to be completed


Click the link to watch:

Conflict Resolution

NUH Training needs to be completed


Click the link to watch:

NB Please watch all the training videos in full.

If you are unable to self-declare based on existing training you can complete the training using the relevant topic link at the bottom of the page

Resuscitation Training

Please ensure you read the document, reguarding PPE and Resusitaion during this pandamic

PPE and Resuscitation of all patients during the COVID-19 pandemic.pdf [pdf] 543KB

The resuscitation team are running training sessions daily at the following times; 8:30-10:30, 11:00-13:00 and 14:00-16:00.

We highly recommend you attend face-to-face resuscitation training to ensure you aware of the latest guidelines relating to resuscitation, defibrillation and the variants currently in place during this pandemic.

To book onto resuscitation training, please email

Manual Handling Training

Your roles will require you to perform various manual handling tasks as well as use specialist equipment which you must know how to use properly. If you have had a higher level of training previously and are able to use certain equipment please complete the below self-assessment form

Manual Handling self assessment.docx [docx] 22KB

If you have never had level 2 ‘hands on’ training or after you’ve determined which equipment you need additional training on, please contact to book onto a training session.


Once you have watched the training videos detailed in the table above please print and sign the completed Self-Declaration form and bring it with you when you attend the Nurse staffing hub to collect your uniform and ID or if you are unable to print it, this must be sent in advance to

Self-Declaration form real.docx[docx] 27KB

Other training links

Links for other training topics if you are unable to self-declare or would just like a refresher are here:

Local Induction Checklist - fast track nhsp.docx [docx] 290KB


Infection Prevention and control


Fire Safety

Health & Safety

Equality and Diversity
Conflict Resolution
IG Mandatory Training
Infection Prevention and Control Level 2
Manual Handling Level 1

Full induction video

This is a link to a playlist with all the training videos requried.