Apply for your parking permit

A pplications for permits remain open (including for new starters). Staff can apply via this link.

However, there remains a waiting list for permits and as staff leave NUH these will be reallocated from February onwards.

There is a charge for staff car parking. The more you earn, the more you pay.

The cost for a permit is £38 a month for Band 8c and above; £25 for full-time staff up to 8c and £12.50 for part-time colleagues.

New permits go live March 1  

New parking permits ‘go live’ on 1 March. The majority of staff will receive their new permits at the address they included on their original application by 21st Feb. 

A small number of colleagues have not provided the information we need to update our system to provide access to staff car parks from 1 March, or have provided incorrect information.

If you have not received your new permit by Sunday 21 Feb, please contact to let us know (and we can update our details).

Only staff with paid-for and displayed permits (and who therefore have swipe/vehicle registration access) will be able to park in designated staff car parks at QMC and City from 1 March.

Colleagues who choose to park in patient/visitor car parks will be required to pay the hourly rates (the barriers will no longer be lifted without payment). Please note that Car Park 1 and Car Park 3 at QMC are patient/visitor car parks.

The inner ring road at QMC is not a staff car park. Road marking repainting has begun at both sites to indicate that staff and visitors should not park in these areas, which will be actively managed from early March to improve safety and access across the site.

For further information including Q&As and how the Trust will strengthen the enforcement of parking from Spring click here.

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