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The Nottingham Care Navigator web application gives GPs access to urgent advice lines at the Trust. 

This gives GPs an option to discuss a patient’s medical condition with an appropriate consultant, to seek specialist advice directly and enable a discussion regarding the appropriate care for the patient.

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Navigation is a collaborative project which aims to improve health services and improve patient experience. The partners involved in the project are NUH and the City, Rushcliffe, Nottingham North East and Nottingham West CCGs.

Progress to date

The new urgent specialty services are having a real impact and helping steer patients to the most appropriate service.

We appreciate this has been a substantial change to previous practice and that we are still refining the process. All feedback that you have provided has been really helpful. We have taken note of what you have said and made improvements as a result.

The project team continue to attend CCG GP and practice manager engagement events to demonstrate the application and speak with people directly working in primary care; the team are happy to attend further events - please do not hesitate to contact thm if you would like them to attend any CCG or practice level forums.

We have seen various positive impacts, so thank you to everyone in primary care for supporting this project.

Benefits to date

  • Fewer patients arriving at AMRU at QMC without a GP-ccute medicine consultant discussion first
  • A sustained drop in the number of unnecessary AMRU attendances and  increased uptake of next day clinic slots, improving both patient and staff experience
  • Patients increasingly diverted to relevant specialties and seen in the ‘right place, first time’
  • GPs able to book specialty urgent clinic slots with more ease
  • NUH clinicians are increasingly using GP direct access numbers to seek urgent GP advice and support patient discharge
  • Increased dialogue between primary and secondary care and the sharing of clinical risk, application of ‘safety nets’ and patient input

Further developments to the Nottingham Care Navigator have been launched, including: 

  • GP resources including specialty specific toolkits, downloadable documents (including patient information booklets and pathways) and websites
  • Details of pathways available via NEMS  
  • Patient transportation options and details
  • Additional urgent advice lines and services 

We welcome your recommendations and input into continued development of the Nottingham Care Navigator. What information would you benefit from being able to access via the application? Let us know at

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Nottingham Care Navigator

GPs can access the NCN here

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