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The recruitment team is in Derwent House, Third Floor, Block A, City Hospital campus, NG5 1PB. 

If you have any queries about your new starter paperwork, please contact the medical staffing team for your division.

For information about your rota, annual leave, study leave etc please scroll down to find your rota coordinator contact details.

Medical staffing teams

  • Medicine: or 0115 9691169 ext 76468
  • Surgery: or 0115 9691169 ext 76471 / 76470
  • Cancer and associated specialities: or 0115 9691169 ext 76474
  • Clinical support: or 0115 9691169 ext 76472
  • Family health: or 0115 9691169 ext 76469

Junior doctors' rota co-ordinators

Acute medicine

Hospital at Night / General Medicine: Includes F2, CT1, CT2 from most medical specialties eg HCOP, respiratory, oncology etc or ext 56733/62005; QMC campus - Julie Cotton, Rota & Performance Manager or ext 62212; City campus - Paul Maher, Rota Co-ordinator or ext 62213

Emergency Department:


Cancer and associated specialties - ST3+ rotas; diabetes, renal, infectious diseases, cardiac - ST3+ rotas


  • QMC campus - Vacant
  • City campus - Gemma Horton, Junior Doctor Co-ordinator or ext 55290

Family health

  • Paediatrics, paediatric intensive care unit: QMC - Jennifer Minford , Junior Doctor Co-ordinator or ext 62010
  • Obstetrics & gynaecology, neonatal intensive care unit: QMC & City - Chris Oscroft, Junior Doctor Co-ordinator or ext 67193

 Head and neck

  • QMC campus - vacant

Specialist support

Junior Doctor Liaison Officer - Clare Cooper

NHS Nottingham University Hospitals
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