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As the Director of Postgraduate Medical Education at NUH I would like to welcome you to our Trust. We are looking forward to meeting you, helping you settle into life and your training at NUH.

We want to make sure that you have a successful training experience, at NUH and a robust induction will really help you on your way. We review the induction process regularly in response to feedback, and so even if you have worked with us before, some of the processes and arrangements will have changed. This welcome letter highlights some important key information.


Making the most of the induction materials and events provided for you will make a big difference to your early weeks of working at NUH. There are three aspects to our induction:

  • Mandatory training - Please make sure you complete the Trust e-induction package as this contains lots of important information and mandatory training that you will need if you are to operate effectively at NUH. The material required is grade specific and so please check requirements. You may also have other role specific training that will need to be completed e.g. resuscitation training.

  • Corporate Induction - You must attend the Trust-wide Welcome and Induction session. This will give you some insights into how NUH works as an organisation and provides key information for you as a doctor in training with us. 

  • Your new specialty will provide you with a local induction.


Almost all of our clinical work runs through ICT based systems. Your ICT access packs will be provided at the Corporate Induction Event.  Access to the ICT Hospital Systems (NUH Network logon credentials, Notis, Medway PAS, DHR Unity, PACS, e-Obs) will only be given once you have attended a formal training session. It is obviously essential to attend the corporate induction if you are going to be able to complete your day-today work; order investigations, look at results etc. You will have access to H@N information and e-Obs via a handheld device.


We need to be able to keep in touch with you. Many of you will already have an email account. You will be provided with a NUH email address for your time with us. Please ensure that you check your NUH account as this will give you access to the weekly Trust Briefing and important education and safety announcements. This is the address we will use to contact you. 

ROTAS / HOSPITAL AT NIGHT:                       

Many of you will be on a Hospital at Night rota. Further information will be provided at induction. Hospital at Night runs slightly differently on each campus; your seniors can help you to understand the detail of this, in particular when and where handover takes place.  Make sure you get to know your junior doctor co-ordinator; they can assist with any rota issues and all requests to change shifts should go through them. 

STUDY LEAVE:              

We are committed to your education and training.  Please acquaint yourself with local study leave procedures. 


You will be allocated a Clinical and/or Educational Supervisor and they will discuss your personal development plan with you. Make sure you meet with them formally at the start, during and at the end of your post to get the most out of the opportunities we have at NUH.


There is now a central absence telephone number -0115 962 8015. On your return to work after a period of sickness, you will have a brief Return To Work Interview, to make sure that you are fit for work and to check if there is anything we can do to assist / support you.  This process applies to all staff at NUH, medics and non-medics.  Failure to report your sickness may result in your absence being recorded as ‘unauthorised’ and payment being withheld.  All doctors in training sickness is also reported to HEEM.  


You are probably already aware that NUH has a set of values and behaviours which we expect all staff to comply with.  We are committed to providing a healthy working environment where all members of staff are treated with dignity and respect.  Staff who do not comply with our values and behaviours are dealt with using our disciplinary policies and procedures.  

In addition, we have a Dignity at Work policy.  All our staff should feel supported and remain motivated, productive and happy without the fear or threat of bullying and harassment.  Any complaints made by staff members are taken very seriously and investigated.  Should you have any concerns, you should feel free to raise these initially and informally with your Clinical or Educational Supervisors or the clinical lead for your service if for some reason you cannot access your CS/ES.  If you subsequently feel that your concerns have not been addressed, you can approach the College Tutors, Foundation Programme Directors, Training Programme Directors and HR for assistance. A list of these individuals is available on the PGEC and trust website.

We hope and expect that there will be no issues with your performance during your time at NUH and that you will achieve all of your learning / training objectives. However, if there are issues, the Deanery has a Professional Support Service (PSU), which accepts self-referral in certain circumstances:  The purpose of the PSU is to support you in achieving the required level of performance and can access many different types of support for you, depending on where and why the problem has arisen.

We hope you have an enjoyable time at NUH and that you progress well with your training. There are numerous training and development opportunities so please do keep in touch. If you have ideas you would like to progress then we will aim to support. Our overarching aim is for you to achieve excellence as a doctor.

Good luck in your new post.

Dr Adrian Blundell

Director of Postgraduate Medical Education

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