Do you know what CQUIN is? Do you know how important they are to NUH?

Each year NHS organisations across the UK are set a number of CQUINS - indicators to improve quality and outcomes for patients, reduce health inequalities and improve the working lives of NHS staff.

This year the 23 CQUIN targets are more ambitious and harder to achieve which is why it is important that everyone needs to play their part in achieving these goals.

The Trust is investing significant amounts to help us reach these targets but your help is needed to deliver this quality improvement work and ultimately improve patient care.

There is more than £17m in funding linked to the successful delivery of CQUIN goals which have been factored into NUH’s 2017/18 budget. This is money that is taken off us and we have to earn back – it is not additional money but built into our financial plans. In the current financial climate we can’t afford not to do everything in our power to achieve this.

Failure to meet any or all of the goals will limit the pace of improvement of patient care and leave a significant gap in the Trust’s budget .

This year the CQUIN targets focus on:

  • Review and reduction of antibiotic prescriptions
  • Improvement of health and wellbeing of staff
  • Timely identification and treatment for sepsis
  • Healthy food for NHS staff, visitors and patients
  • Improving uptake of flu vaccinations
  • Improving services for people with mental health needs who present to A&E.
  • Make ALL First Outpatient Appointment slots available on NHS e-Referral Service (e-RS)
  • Preventing ill Health by risky behaviours - alcohol and tobacco
  • Supporting Proactive and Safe Discharge – Acute Providers
  • Offering advice and guidance to GPs from consultant led services

Everyone has a role in helping to deliver improved patient care. Please make sure you and your colleagues know your role and speak with your manager about how you can play your part.

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