Christmas 2017

Welcome to the NUH Christmas information page. We’ll share useful information on key services via this page and update it through the course of the festive period.

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Information on Public Transport

Keep up to date with the latest travel news, events and information affecting travel on the Robin Hood Network here.


Taxis provided by Arrow A2B

The Trust taxi service Arrow A2B will be providing Trust taxis for staff who have no other means of transport for travelling into work during the festive period.

ArrowA2B will be available to staff on Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Year’s Day, who are due to work on these days and have no other option of transport and are unable to car share with their colleagues. The Trust can then book them a taxi to drive them to work.

The administrator in your local area will be able to book an Arrow A2B taxi and can be booked on

Key tips for booking an Arrowa2b Taxi

  • Give plenty of notice time to driver
  • If they do are multiple colleague pick-ups for one journey, please ensure that you allocate enough time from taxi pick up to shift start time for all involved.

If there are any issues with access to booking these taxis online the administrator can contact:


Parking over Christmas

This year there will be free parking for staff and visitors at QMC and City Hospital on Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Year’s Day.



On the following dates the Medilink will operate a reduced service of every 20 minutes from Wednesday 27 December until Friday 29 December.

It will not operate on weekends or on Christmas Day, Boxing Day or New Year’s Day.



Here’s a table showing when the restaurants at QMC and City Hospital are open over the Christmas and New Year Period.

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