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Specialist Services

Learn more about the specialist services we offer at NUH. 

We offer the following specialist services:

Healthy Lifestyle Clinic

The healthy lifestyle clinic runs on Friday afternoons at both the QMC and City hospital.

In the clinic we see women with a body mass index of 40 or more. Women with a BMI of 40-44 will usually be offered a review in the clinic during the third trimester of their pregnancy. Women with a BMI of 45 or more will be offered review in the clinic on a number of occasions during their pregnancy.

At the clinic you will have the opportunity to meet an obstetrician, anaesthetist, dietitian and midwife and you may also have an ultrasound scan. 

Multiple pregnancy

Multiple pregnancy Carrying more than one baby is very exciting. We realise that twin pregnancies do carry some additional risks to you and your babies so we will offer you specialised Consultant led care in the hospital. 

The main type of twin pregancies are: 

  • Dichorionic diamniotic twins (DCDA) - twins who do not share a placenta.
  • Monochorionic diamniotic (MCDA) - twins who share a placenta but are in separate sacs. These babies are always identical.
  • Monochorionic monoamniotic twins (MCMA) - twins who share a placenta and sac.

All women carrying twins will require extra scans in pregnancy to measure the growth of their babies. The frequency of these will be determined by the type of twins that you are carrying and any other complications that you have had in the past or develop in this pregnancy.

Women having DCDA twins are seen at NUH regularly through their pregnancy and will be seen in the general antenatal clinic. Women having MCMA twins, triplets or more will be seen through the Fetal medicine service.

Women carrying MCDA or MCMA twins will need more frequent surveillance. Women are seen every two weeks from 16 weeks into their pregnancy. Regular scans are carried out to monitor the growth of the babies and look out for twin-to-twin transfusion syndrome. This condition only occurs in pregnancies where the twins share a placenta.

Women carrying twins are more likely to develop pelvic and back pain during pregnancy as they are carrying two babies. If you are having these problems we would encourage you to contact the Physiotherapy Maternity Team

Many women worry about the challenge of feeding two babies. Our Infant Feeding Team are very happy to see you while you are pregnant to discuss feeding your babies. They will also be able to support you after birth.

Preterm birth

Preterm birth image We offer a specialist service to women who are at higher risk of preterm labour and birth. In a dedicated clinic at both the QMC and City Hospitals two obstetricians with a special interest in preterm birth risk offer additional tests and scans to provide close surveillance and support to women.

QMC: Tuesday afternoons with Dr Amanda Green

City: Wednesday afternoons with Dr Petra Deering

You may be offered an appointment in the clinic if you: 

  • have had a late miscarriage (after 14 weeks of pregnancy)
  • have delivered a baby extremely prematurely (before 28 weeks)
  • have had more than one treatment to your cervix to treat pre-cancer
  • are known to have an abnormally shaped womb