Supporting early career researchers at NUH


To promote clinical research in our hospitals, NUH’s Research & Innovation (R&I) department has set up the Resilience and Growth (RRG) Fund. This Fund covered research project development last financial year and the current financial year (2023/24).

What the funding is for

RRG is designed to fund time to enable colleagues wishing to include research as part of their existing role). This will enable you to develop an original research project, alongside your usual role at NUH. The amount of funding available will typically cover 4 hours a week (equivalent to 1 PA for consultants) for 12 months.

The expectation is that by the end of the RRG funding period, you will have successfully developed a high-quality research grant application.

These funds are not designed to cover any costs of the proposed research project itself (eg equipment, laboratory tests, investigational product etc).

Who can apply

These funds are designed to support individuals from any background working at NUH to develop research proposals and apply for grants to take these proposals forward.


The RRG fund is designed to increase NUH’s portfolio of original research. They will support you to develop a research grant which will be sponsored by NUH. Cross-organisational applications will be considered only if NUH is the lead institution.

It is expected that the RRG applicant will usually be the primary applicant on the resulting research grant application and Chief Investigator of the study.

Help and support for you

Mentorship and support will be provided to successful applicants. 

How to apply

The application process and application form is available here:

When to apply

Applications are open now and will close on 14 September 2023.