Research within our maternity services

NUH is a teaching hospital and active in clinical research on both campuses. If you are invited to participate, you will always be given a chance to decline if you so wish, without affecting your care. 

We participate in three main types of research. 

Randomised controlled trials

Patients who agree to participate are randomly allocated to one of two different treatments and followed up to see which is best. Most randomised trials conducted at NUH are also going on in many other NHS hospitals, and sometimes other hospitals worldwide.

Some recent randomised control trials at NUH include: WOMAN, PPROMPT, 35-39, PITCH, SNAP and Twin birth

Our on going trials include: 


Observational studies

Typically these involve taking a blood (or other sample) or doing some sort of test, e.g a scan, but not otherwise interfering in the pregnancy.

Recent observational studies include: PREPTransplacental Passage of Flu Antibodies  and Birthplace Study

Our ongoing trials include: 


Questionnaire and qualitative studies

These studies involve completing a questionnaire or survey, or being interviewed by a researcher. 

Recent trials include: Childbirth Experience Questionaire and Mapping Midwifery Units