Preparing for your pregnancy

Everyone can benefit from making sure they are as healthy as possible before getting pregnant. See the below advice and resources to learn more. 

Some women may benefit from pre-pregnancy counselling with one of our consultants or specialist teams, to prepared an individualised care plan for your pregnancy journey. This may apply to you if you: 

  • have a medical condition such as diabetes, a kidney or heart problem
  • had complications in a previous pregnancy
  • are very overweight (BMI ≧ 50)

Please ask your GP to refer you to one of our consultants.

If you are having difficulty becoming pregnant, please speak to your GP about referral to our fertility services

Recurrent Miscarriage Clinic

The recurrent miscarriage clinic is for women who have had three early pregnancy losses. 
It doesn't matter if these incidents are consecutive, you can be seen even if you have had a successful pregnancy. 

This service is for women who want another pregnancy, as we rarely find answers about why a previous loss has occurred. 

The most important part of care is support, but for some women we do find a reason why you have miscarried in the past. In these cases it is sometimes possible to offer treatment