Pregnancy, Coronavirus and Covid-19 vaccine advice

Covid-19 vaccination

There are lots of walk-in clinics across Nottingham and Nottinghamshire if you would like to book your Covid-19 vaccine.. More details here:

Remember: The NHS, the Government, RCOG and other health professionals are recommending the vaccine to people who are pregnant.

We are seeing increasing numbers of pregnant people presenting with covid - almost all of these are unvaccinated.

To help you make your choice:

Read from reputable sources such as:


 Speak to your GP, midwife or us!

Please see below to watch a NHS video on pregnancy and Covid-19:


Lastest advice from: The Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists (RCOG) for pregnant women and Covid-19 

Covid-19 vaccine advice and how to get it

We are encouraging people who are pregnant, and their partners to get the Covid-19 vaccine. You can get the vaccine by attending one of the walk-in clinics listed here. You can also book online, or speak to your GP or midwife. As well as the NHS recommending to get the vaccine, the Royal College of Obstetrics and Gynaecologists (RCOG) is also encouraging people to get it.

The NHS and RCOG have lots of useful information on their websites:

Please click here to see a leaflet which is in several languages and talks about how you can get your vaccine.

Community vaccine briefing for on vaccination in pregnancy

Here is a video from Nottingham and Nottingham CCG around vaccination in pregnancy.

It covers aspects including: Where you can get your vaccine, how the vaccine can protect you, the safty of the vaccine and lots of advice and guidence.


‘I decided the benefits were better than the known risks of contracting Covid-19 in pregnancy’

Olivia with her family

A pregnant Nottinghamshire woman has spoken about why she chose to have the Covid-19 vaccine and her experience in a bid to encourage other pregnant women to consider getting the jab too.

Olivia Saxton, 28, of Gedling, had her first vaccine at King’s Mill Hospital in January. She was eligible due to being a frontline health worker working in the maternity department.

At the time of her first vaccine she said she was apprehensive as she was trying for a baby. However, after speaking to a consultant she decided to go ahead and have the jab.

You can read Olivia's story here.