"Phi goes out of his way to make anyone’s day better"

An Emergency Department Assistant who “goes out of his way to make anyone’s day better” has won a Team NUH Award in the Nurturing category.

Phi Lay, who works in the Children’s Emergency Department, was nominated by colleague Chris White for embodying the values of the hospital and for ensuring the department runs smoother and for making others feel more positive.

Chris, an Advanced Nurse Practitioner in the Emergency Department, said: “Phi is always positive and happy and quick to find a positive to build up members of staff in any situation.

“I feel he is a member of the team who is under recognised for the value of his contribution and working with him on shift always brings a smile to my face.

“Phi’s presence in the department means that everything runs smoother and by making others feel more positive, patients receive better care. No job is ever too small or menial for him to take on with a smile, and no action is too small for him to say thank you.

“Phi has a politeness and a demeanour that is infective and gives the entire department a lift. If someone appears to be flagging or feeling low, he has a way of inspiring them to continue with a word of encouragement or a small sweet that can make your day.

Phi’s positive behaviour and nurturing demeanour to colleagues and patients improves the mood and wellbeing, and in my opinion is likely to improve patient outcomes, through a more pleasant environment and also positive clinician behaviour impacting positively on patient experience.

 “Phi genuinely cares for all members of the team, and will go out of his way to make anyone’s day better, from the youngest to oldest patient, and from porter to consultant. There is no-one in children’s ED who would not immediately feel more positive knowing that he is on shift.”

The behaviours which underpin the Nurturing value at Nottingham University Hospital’s Trust are:

We are nurturing

  • By encouraging our teams to be the best they can be through reflection and feedback
  • By promoting and supporting a culture of continuous improvement where all are able to develop and flourish
  • by encouraging people to learn and develop so that can be the best that they can be
  • By acknowledging those things that make a difference to those around them, whether they are large or small

Phi, who was presented with his award by Tim Guyler, Assistant Chief Executivesaid: “I honestly don’t know what to say but thank you very much for this award. I work harder because my team are working so hard.”

Phi will be invited to a celebration ceremony in the autumn of 2022. Nominations for our staff awards are open all year round, and can be submitted here.