We welcome all visitors, including children. Please speak to the nurse in charge on the ward if you have any questions about visiting.

Details of visiting times and contact details for our wards are here:

When visiting a loved one, relative or friend in our care, please respect our visitors code.

Please do...

  • Allocate one person to contact us for updates on your friend/relative. This helps us to dedicate more time to caring for patients.
  • Turn your mobile phone to 'silent' to keep noise to a minimum on our wards.
  • Use the alcohol hand rub provided when entering and leaving the ward (or wash your hands with soap and water) to prevent the risk of infection.
  • Remember that it's OK to ask staff if they have cleaned their hands. Staff giving patient care should be bare below the elbows and should have removed watches and stoned rings.
  • Visit only during the agreed visiting time for the ward. We aim to minimise interruptions during these official visiting times. We welcome visitors helping loved ones with feeding at mealtimes (5pm-6pm).
  • Let us know if you have any feedback about our care by speaking to us or completing the 'Friends and Family' (would you recommend us?) survey before you leave.
  • Speak to any member of staff, who will direct you to the nurse/midwife-in-charge if you have any concerns or questions.
  • Bring a supply of any regular medication that your loved one, relative or friend takes when you first come to visit (including insulin, injections, patches, eye drops. inhalers, creams etc.).
  • Respect our values and behaviours and treat our staff with respect (we have zero tolerance of violence and aggression).

Please don't...

  • Visit if you are suffering from a heavy cold, flu, diarrhoea and/or vomiting (or for 72 hours after).
  • Visit with more than two people per bed (for patient comfort and privacy). Please take turns to go onto a ward if you are part of a large group.
  • Bring flowers onto the ward (help our nurses and ward teams focus on caring for patients and keeping wards clean).
  • Sit or lie on the beds (this spreads germs). Please use the chairs provided.
  • Touch wounds, drips, catheters or medical equipment. This can cause infection.
  • Smoke on site. We are a no smoking hospital and will ask you to put out your cigarette if you are found smoking outside our buildings. E-cigarettes cannot be used on site. If you need advice or support to give up smoking we are pleased to help.
  • Use your mobile phone to take photos or videos of patients.
  • Use patient toilets. Our ward staff will direct you to the nearest public toilets.
  • Eat or drink on our wards (help prevent the spread of infection).
  • Drop litter. Help us keep our hospitals clean and tidy.
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Getting here

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