Who we are

The team includes Christian, Roman Catholic, Muslim and Sikh chaplains and volunteers. Representatives of Jewish, Hindu and other faiths are available on request.

Christine Dolby

Revd Christine Dolby, Anglican, Head of Service

Andrew Keith

Revd Andrew Keith, Baptist, Lead Chaplain

Farhat Azam

Farhat Azam, Muslim pastoral officer

Kay Cattell

Revd Kay Cattell, United Reform Chaplain 

Aine Costello

Sister Aine Costello, Roman Catholic pastoral administrator

Susan Gibson

Susan Gibson, Administrator

Julian Hemstock   

Revd Canon Julian Hemstock, Anglican Chaplain

 Father Slavic

Father Slavic Hermanowicz, Roman Catholic Chaplain

Susan Insley     

Susan Insley, Chaplaincy youth worker

Anne Ladd

Revd Anne Ladd, Anglican Chaplain with special responsibility for The Children's Hospital

Betty Matear

Commissioner Elizabeth Matear, Salvation Army Chaplain

Nathan Prince

Revd Nathan Prince, Congregation of Yahweh Chaplain

Lynn Raynor

Revd Lynn Raynor, Anglican Chaplain

Rev 'd Andy Scholes

Revd Andrew Scholes, Baptist Chaplain 

Amnah Shah     

Amnah Shah, Muslim pastoral officer 

 Arthur Shivas     

Revd Arthur Shivas, AOG Pentecostal minister, Chaplain City Hospital

Gail Spencer

Revd Gail Spencer, Anglican Chaplain at QMC and for Lings Bar

Parmjit Thiara Singh

Parmjit Singh Thiara, Sikh Chaplain

NHS Nottingham University Hospitals
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