Parent and antenatal classes

Update re Parent Education Workshops and COVID-19 

We are now able to offer online workshops and Q&A sessions, please complete the online booking form (below) and return via, here also is a link/QR CODE to our video playlist on YouTube

Come and join us for 'Online Postnatal Support' via Microsoft Teams. Download the poster by clicking the link below:

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Parent education classes are a really good way of receiving guidance during pregnancy. You will then be better able to make informed decisions about your labour and birth preferences.

A variety of classes are available in your local community and also at the City Hospital in our parent education room. You can attend these sessions if you are booked to have your baby at QMC, City Hospital or at home. We recommend you start the classes when you are around 32 weeks pregnant, but do book as early as possible as the classes do get booked up.

The workshops are run by midwives or physiotherapists who specialise in women’s health. All these workshops are open to women and their partners or birth supporters.


Workshop details

Workshop 1: Preparation for labour and birth

The emphasis of this workshop is on active birth. Information is given about how to recognise the signs of labour, going into hospital, the stages of labour and coping strategies.

You will be shown how to adopt comfortable positions, discuss some basic massage and relaxation techniques and how your birth partner can be supportive.


Workshop 2: Pain management and alternative births

Different methods of pain relief are discussed such as using the birthing pool, aromatherapy, TENS machines, entonox (gas and air), diamorphine and epidurals. Information is also given about induction of labour, assisted births with vacuum or forceps and caesarean section.


Workshop 3: Infant feeding and early parenting

This workshop covers infant feeding, expressing and storage of milk, positioning and attachment of baby at the breast and where to get help and support for feeding your baby.

Early parenting is also discussed, with information being provided about baby care, car safety, reducing the risk of cot death, emotional changes following childbirth, recovery and support.


Workshop 4: Look after yourself in pregnancy and beyond  

This workshop is run by a women’s health physiotherapist for ladies only and is held at the City Hospital Maternity Unit in Parent Education. An ideal time for attending this workshop is between 24 and 34 weeks.

Advice is given about safe exercise in pregnancy, promotion of continence, pelvic floor exercises, looking after your back and general aches of pregnancy and returning to fitness after birth.


Workshop 5: Multiple pregnancies

A one off special workshop for those expecting more than one baby is held approximately every six weeks at the City Hospital. Included in the workshop is information about multiple pregnancy and delivery, feeding, premature and small babies and support groups.

These are held in addition to other workshops and are run by a midwife with special interest in multiple pregnancies.