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Under 25s

Sexual Health Outreach and Health Promotion clinical services are set up for young people aged 13 –25 (and vulnerable adults in other settings),  to get free, confidential, help, support and advice about sex and relationships, resisting peer pressure, sexuality, contraception, STIs, pregnancy testing and emergency contraception.

Outreach Sexual Health Services can provide all young people under 25 with:

Services operate in a range of different areas, in places that young people already use, like youth centres and colleges to try and make it easier for young people to get to sexual health services.  These clinics are drop in and there is no need to make an appointment.

Some clinics are open during term time, whilst others are open weekly after school, and all are able to offer free contraception, STI testing and advice for all your sexual health needs.

Outreach Clinics


Please note the clinics based within FE Colleges/Schools operate during term time and are open to students of  the College/School only.



All young people, including those under 16 have the right to private and confidential sexual health advice.

When you come and see us, all of your information, including test results remain confidential and is not passed onto anyone else. There might be times where we need to speak with other professionals regarding your sexual health and well-being, but we would always ask your permission before we do. Confidentiality may only be broken when your health, safety or welfare and that of other people might be at risk and we will always try to discuss this with you first.

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