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We offer psychosexual and specialist counselling and therapies to cover a wide range of sexual issues including sexual orientation and relationships.


Psychosexual counselling

Run from the Chandos clinic at City Hospital, psychosexual counselling sessions can include issues such as:

  • Sexual functioning during ill health (including disability)
  • Erection/ejaculation difficulties
  • Issues with orgasm or desire
  • Sexual pain
  • Sexual trauma
  • Compulsive sexual behaviour

Running alongside the psychosexual counselling there is also provision for the medical assessment and treatment of erectile dysfunction.

To access psychosexual counselling at the Chandos clinic you will need to be referred by a health professional, normally your GP.


Specialist sexual health counselling

We provide specialist sexual health counselling for patients over the age of 16 in a number of community clinics. This counselling service can include:

  • Addressing high risk taking sexual behaviour
  • Engaging in Chemsex
  • Sexuality and relationship issues
  • Dealing with HIV diagnoses
  • Supporting adherence to medications

Patients can self-refer to this counselling service or be referred by external agencies.

If you would like to refer yourself for this counselling please phone 01159 627 627 and ask to be referred to the specialist sexual health counsellor.  Currently we can only accept referrals from residents living in Nottingham City and the Southern Borough’s (Broxtowe, Gedling and Rushcliffe).

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